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Game Cheats for iPhone/iPod Touch

Game Cheats for iPhone/iPod Touch

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✓ "5/5 - Best Cheats App Ever! - It is by far the best cheat app ever! It is well worth the money and there is lots of cool awesome great cheats!!!" - Australia
✓ "5/5 - Awesome! - Best cheats app ever!!" - USA
✓ "5/5 - Awesome! - I love this app at first when I bought it I thought ohh at least it will help for some apps but now the great updates thank you!!" - USA
✓ "5/5 - Wow! - Superb application - wicked stuff to add more hours to the games youve already finished - great idea" - UK
✓ "5/5 - Great responsive app! - It has many great hints and cheats already then I asked for some more and now they're comin. Definatly worth the $2 I paid for it!" - USA
✓ "5/5 - Great cheats!! Buy it now!! Thanks guys!!" - Australia
✓ "5/5 - Mega App! - Cheats, hints, tips, unlockables, achievements, secret tricks for many of the best iphone games!!! Amazing stuff!!" - UK
✓ "5/5 - Awesome! - This app is sweet!" - USA
✓ "5/5 - Full of great cheats, hints and tips - Wow! Awesome App!!!!" - UK
✓ "5/5 - Great App! - A VERY good app they listen to feedback and requests tons of hints and cheats definitely recommend getting it" - USA


TOTAL DOWNLOADS (As of 12th July 2011):

✓ 25,000!


GAME CHEATS - The Ultimate and Essential Cheat Application for your iPhone and iPod Touch Games!

✓ Get the best cheats, hints and tips for many of the best iPhone and iPod Touch games available!

Over 85 games including:

1: Airport Mania: 1st Flight
2: Alive 4 Ever
3: Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
4: Blades Of Fury
5: Brothers In Arms
6: Bugdom 2
7: Cliffed
8: Collapse!
9: Cro-Mag Rally
10: Crystal Defenders
11: Dark Knight: Batmobile
12: Diner Dash
13: Doodle Jump
14: Doom Classic
15: Driver
16: Fish Tycoon
17: Glyder
18: Harvest Moon
19: Hybrid: Eternal Whisper
20: Imagine Poker
21: Krazy Kart Racers
22: Lumen
23: Memovator
24: Metal Gear Solid Touch
25: Monopoly Here & Now
26: Nanosaur 2
27: Phase
28: Plank
29: Pocket God
30: Quiz Game Land
31: Reign Of Swords
32: N.O.V.A.
33: Resident Evil 4
34: Resident Evil: Degeneration
35: Silent Hill: The Escape
36: Sim City
37: The Sims 3
38: Skybound
39: Song Summoner
40: Star Trigon
41: Stick Wars
42: Tap Tap Revenge 2
43: Texas Hold'em
44: Touch Grind
45: The Creeps
46: Virtual Villagers 3
47: Vortex
48: Wolfenstein 3D
49: Wolfenstein Classic
50: Castle Conflict
51: Call of Duty: Zombies
52: Dead Strike
53: Doom II RPG
54: Final Fantasy I
55: GTA Chinatown Wars
56: Iron Man: Aerial Assault
57: Parallel Kingdom
58: Plants vs Zombies
59: Ridge Racer Accelerated
60: Sonic the Hedgehog
61: Street Fighter 4
62: Wolfenstein RPG
63: Zombie Farm
64: Catan
65: Chaos Rings
66: Hell on Earth
67: iWrath
68: Game Dev Story
69: Ravensword
70: Shrek Kart
71: Tap Fish
72: Zombie Smash
73: Angry Birds
74: iDrag Paper
75: The Impossible Test
76: Knights Onrush
77: Minigore
78: Cut The Rope
79: Shatterball
80: Pocket Frogs

✓ Version 2.5:

81: Battle Zone - Nuclear Way
82: Fish Farm
83: Froggy Jump
84: Infinity Blade
85: Knights vs Aliens
86: Mega Jump
87: Millionaire Tycoon

✓ FAST, EASY SEARCHING! - Use the All New Search Feature to quickly and easily find the tips your looking for!

✓ REQUEST A CHEAT FEATURE! - Send us all your requests for any game cheats you would like to see in the app and we will try our best to include them in the upcoming update!

✓ INCREDIBLE VALUE! - Game Cheats is a must have app for any iPhone/iPod Touch Gamer and for an incredible £0.69!

✓ FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! - And with more secret game cheats to appear free in future updates, Game Cheats is the essential app for your iPhone & iPod Touch games!

- Note: This application doesn't contain cheat codes for all the games included, some will contain secret cheat codes and others will include useful hints and tips to complete the games.

What's new

Game Cheats for iPhone/iPod Touch Version 2.6:

- All New Search Feature!
- Easier and Faster Navigation!
- Minor user interface enhancements!

More Cheats to appear free in future updates!


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