Dragonfly and Damselfly Field Guide and ID App

Dragonfly and Damselfly Field Guide and ID App

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The Dragonfly ID app is a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource to find and identify dragonflies and damselflies across the US and Canada. Geared towards both the avid dragonfly-watcher, and beginners, Dragonfly ID will help you find spots to look for dragonflies near you, help you identify the dragonflies and damselflies you see in the field, and learn more about the species you find.

Additionally, Dragonfly ID enables users to easily view and submit Odonata sightings from the field. This important citizen science project enhance our understanding of Odonata distributions and abundances.

• View species lists for any location in the US or Canada based on sightings in the OdonataCentral database
• Filter to show recent sightings, or for any month(s) of the year
• Bar charts of seasonal abundance built from the OdonataCentral database of sightings
• Maps of recent sightings from OdonataCentral

• Use Smart Search to quickly identify a species by color, size and habitat
• Read descriptive text to help confirm the identification (contact us if you'd like to help!)
• View the crowd-sourced gallery of images (contribute your photos at birdseye.photo/dragonflies)

• Submit dragonfly sightings to OdonataCentral directly from the app (BUT SEE NOTE BELOW)
• Track your life list via the app for any region
• Sign in with an OdonataCentral account to see your sightings populate your life lists

NOTE: this first release of sighting submission has MAJOR limitations:
• Sightings cannot yet be edited after submission. We are working on it and it should be just a matter of a few weeks. In the meanwhile let us know if a sighting urgently needs to be edited or deleted.
• Currently sightings do NOT go to OdonataCentral, but they will at some point in the future (~1 year?). In the meanwhile they will be visible within the app in a different color than regular OC sightings.
• Sightings submitted through the app are NOT vetted by OC experts

Dragonfly ID is a collaboration between BirdsEye and the folks at OdonataCentral and the Xerces Society with special thanks to the membership of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas and users of OdonataCentral, the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership, and PondWatch for their data contributions.

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What's New

Minor change to the major update below. Identical except that it restored photographs.

** MAJOR UPDATE: Please read before upgrading **

Complete re-design that is, we think, cleaner, more intuitive and easier to use:
* Zoomable photos
* Photos of every species in the continental US and Canada (We're still missing text for many species if you'd like to help.)
* Convenient regional lists
And ...
* Submit sightings from the app ... but PLEASE READ notes below!!

Sighting submission in this first release has major limitations to be aware of, most importantly that sightings cannot yet be edited after submission (we're working on it). Sightings submitted through the app are NOT regular OdonataCentral reports, are NOT vetted by experts. Sightings will be visible to the public via the app but NOT initially via the OdonataCentral website. Sightings will at some point in the future (~1 year?) integrate with the OC website. For now you can think of this as a feature that will help you keep track of your personal sightings. This app is a work in progress so you'll see improvements over the next few months.

Please DON'T submit junk sightings! If you want to test this functionality please use real sightings to do so. If you notice erroneous sightings let us know and we'll remove them.

Again, this is a first release of the new design and two features of the old version are still missing:
OdonataCentral life list sync; and
“Needs” lists based on your OdonataCentral life list

Those are on the “to do” list. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

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