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Cosmology - Oxford Dictionary

Cosmology - Oxford Dictionary

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Powered by Handmark, here is a lavishly illustrated, state-of-the-art look at modern cosmology, the only such resource presently available. In more than 350 in-depth entries, Andrew Liddle and Jon Loveday cover the entire scope of this cutting-edge field, from cosmic rays and dark energy to Higgs bosons and neutrinos. Beginning with an introductory essay on Hot Big Bang Cosmology, the Companion illuminates the ideas behind our current understanding of the universe, outlines some of the fundamental physics from which those ideas emerge, and discusses the many strands of observational evidence available to the modern cosmologist. The authors tackle such fascinating topics as anti-matter, the age of the universe, black holes, quasars, and radio galaxies. The book also features biographical profiles of major scientists and informative entries on the tools of exploration such as the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Keck Observatory. Extensive cross-referencing allows readers to pursue ideas throughout the application.

+ Over 350 in-depth entries cover the modern view of cosmology, from cosmic inflation and dark energy to Higgs boson and neutrinos
+ Topics covered include the structure of the Universe - its rate of expansion and the particles out of which it is composed - the evolution of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and cold dark matter
+ Includes both theoretical ideas, such as alternative cosmologies, and observational evidence, such as redshift surveys
+ Appears at a time when there is growing consensus about the origins and development of the Universe
+ Highly illustrated with diagrams and half tones throughout
+ Entry-level web links direct the reader to recommended online resources
+ No wireless connection required
+ Buy one application and use it on your iPhone or iPad, optimized for both devices!
+ Sounds-like to help find those difficult to spell words.
+ Share entries via email, Facebook and Twitter
+ Tag words with bookmarks or custom tags for easy retrieval.

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