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iPhone Tips -154 EZ iPhone Tips & Tricks

iPhone Tips -154 EZ iPhone Tips & Tricks

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154 EZ iPhone Tips and Secrets

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App Features:
★Daily Tip: Random tip sent you daily to help with training and learning
★Share Tips: Share Tips via FaceBook, Twitter or Email
★Search Through Tips
★Tips Nicely organized

Chapters and Tips Covered in the App

Keyboard and Writing tips
★Undo and redo typing
★Quick CAPS
★Hold shift while typing to capitalize
★Avoid spelling correction
★Write contractions quickly
★Reject suggested correction
★Define writing shortcuts
★Keyboard Dictionary
★Select the keyboard language
★Add another keyboard language
★Add keyboard with smilies
★Magnify and select text
★Select a whole paragraph
★Hide the keyboard
★Quickly add a period

Mail and Calendar
★Save an e-mail draft
★Open the last saved draft quickly
★Mark e-mail as unread
★Change e-mail signature
★Forward or reply a part of an e-mail
★Send photos in original resolution
★Configure e-mail previews
★Configure an e-mail account
★How to configure Calendar
★Select synced calendars
★Send e-mail using an alias
★Fast scroll through months in Calendar
★Calendar Timezones
★Birthdays calendar
★Control when all-day events fire
★Give your e-mails some format
★Drag & Drop e-mail addresses

★Easy zoom in and out
★Drop a pin
★Quickly locate an airport
★Locate and orientate yourself

★Take a screenshot
★Home button double★tap
★Close background apps
★Remove an app
★Create a folder with apps
★Put folders in the dock
★Cancel a download
★Pause a download
★Avoid always wiring your passcode
★Access iPod controls when locked
★Access scientific calculator
★Delete items on lists
★Apps notifications
★Open notifications from any app
★ Weather forecast
★Dismiss an entering notification

Accessibility features
★Let iPhone speak to you
★Zoom interface
★Change text size
★White on Black interface
★Custom vibration patterns
★Flash for alerts

Contacts list
★Navigate easily through contacts
★What is my phone number?
★Sharing a contact will share relationships

Calling and Messaging
★Silence an entering call
★Send entering call to the voicemail
★Disable the microphone while talking
★Use your iPhone while talking
★Place a call on hold
★Quickly redial last called number
★Speed dial a number
★iPhone special numbers
★ Delivery confirmation
★ Number of Characters
★Disable message preview
★Send free messages
★Change Text Tone

Pictures and Videos
★Take a picture more naturally
★Access the camera roll while taking a picture
★Zoom the image
★Take a picture with your headphone cord
★Avoid storing copies of HDR pictures
★Access camera when locked
★Copy pictures
★Organize pictures in albums
★Latest pictures and duplicates removal
★Pause video reproduction
★Focus on a point while recording
★See what you are recording
★Quickly crop a picture

Web browsing
★Navigate quickly to top of the page
★Add bookmark to Home Screen
★Scroll within a frame
★Center around a page area
★No need to write full URLs!
★Examine where a link goes to
★Close all opened tabs at once
★Private Browsing
★Search text on a web page
★Fast load of a web page
★ Pop-ups are enabled
★Auto-fill forms

Listening to Music
★Listening to Music
★Unplug to pause
★Go back in iPod mode
★Shake to randomize!
★Hide irrelevant data
★Get detailed description of a song
★Edit bottom bar iPod icons

Save Battery and Increase Performance
★Disable push in e-mail
★Decrease your brightness
★Close opened Safari tabs
★Disable location services
★Quit app when locking
★Show battery percentage
★Deactivate equalizer
★Deactivate Bluetooth
★Turn off vibrate in games
★Turn off notifications
★Disable Ping
★Disable iCloud
★Disable reports sending
★Charge battery

Recovery from failure
★Hard reset iPhone
★Hard close an app
★Restart Network Connections

★Turn on passcode lock
★Back up your iPhone regularly
★Remove unwanted back ups
★Set up find my iPhone

Gain some disk space
★ Voicemail messages

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Added These Applets In the App
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