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Wallpaper Hebrew Notes

Wallpaper Hebrew Notes

       iOS iPhone

Finally in HEBREW! You can type your notes using a hebrew keyboard (included with the application).

Nowadays we have so much going on everyday that its hard to remember what needs to be done. Wouldn't it be nice if you could leave a note for yourself reminding you what needs to be done? And even better, if you could see that note every time you grabbed your iPhone, without the need to go to a specific application? Now you can! This is a very simple application that will definitely help you simplify your busy day! It is as simple as writing what you need to do, and save it as your wallpaper. This application has other uses as well; you can send notes to co-workers, or a loved one in a very simple step. Furthermore, the note is sent as a picture, saving you the cost of text messages, or time writing long emails with what needs to be done. The recipient can also save it as their wallpaper, making it convenient for them to! We are constantly working on our applications, in order to help you simplify your life; any comments or suggestions are welcome! Have a nice day!

We also have a version in English! Check out other applications.

Keywords: Torah, Israel, Hebrew and Jewish.


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Feb 05, 2010
Paul Abraham Jaimovich
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