Unfilth Your Habitat

Unfilth Your Habitat

iOS Universal Productivity

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UfYH: Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes.

Please be advised that this app contains profanity. The word "filth," in-app, is replaced by the other f-word. There is a lot of swearing. Really so very much swearing. Please do not buy this app and then be shocked by the swearing, because there is a lot of it, and here we are, telling you about it right up front.

If traditional housekeeping isn’t really your style, but your living space needs a little attention, UfYH’s challenges and customizable features will help you get your place back in shape, a few minutes at a time. Rather than encourage marathon cleaning sessions, UfYH gives you the tools to clean up, a little at a time. Unf&%*ing your habitat turns dreaded chores into easy-to-complete tasks, with a hefty dose of “filthy” language to motivate you to clean up.

-Clean and simple easy-to-use interface.
-Select timed challenges in 5, 10, or 20 minute intervals and try to beat the clock to finish the challenge.
-Select challenges by room.
-Create a customized to-do list and reminders to keep you on schedule.
-Earn achievements for completing challenges or finishing your to-do list.
-Use the 20/10 timer to reward yourself with a 10-minute break for every 20 minutes of work. Shorter challenges count cumulatively toward your total time.
-Random motivators remind you that excuses are boring and use a combination of a little guilt, a little shame, and a little swearing to get you moving.

UfYH is especially useful for those who don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to cleaning: students, people with full-time jobs, people with roommates, anyone who can’t find the motivation to get up and just do something. Even if it’s just a little something! Our lives are complicated and messy, and we’re often overwhelmed and distracted, and sometimes a little lazy. Unf&%* things and see a remarkable difference in how you tackle cleaning.

UfYH uses frequent profanity and is for mature audiences. In-app, the word "filth" is replaced by its older, more foul-mouthed cousin. This app uses the "f-word." A lot. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

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What's New

Version 2.0 of the UFYH app includes the following bits of magic, fixes, and updates.
*The people wanted iOS 11 compatibility, and who are we to argue with the people. Update will prevent the unfortunate and unexpected app-brickening of 1.4. R.I.P. 1.4, you served us well.
*The design is totally updated. It’s so fancy, your personal swagger will increase just for running it. Behold the magic in new achievements, gorgeous interfaces, and 111% more classy.
*Because we really love the people, we’re also throwing in an easy-as-easy-can-be way to share your before and after shots on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram.
*20/10 timer just not enough to contain your awesomeness? We threw in a 45/15 for you overachievers.
*We got your checklists here! Daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally, all with inviting little ticky boxes.
*All of your challenges, checklists, and customizable to-dos live happily together in the to-do tab.
*Need some motivation? We've got you covered, whether you need a metaphorical kick in the pants or a nice gentle cheering-on.
*Assorted tweaks, code gremlin exterminations, flux capacitors, and Oxford commas.
*The secret ingredient of this update is love. Also, swearing.

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