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Personal Note Manager for Apple touch devices that includes live link support, email notes from within application, font and font size control, built-in search, landscape mode support and built-in backup/restore to the device.

Also works with "cloud free" NoteSync built into TopXNotes Mac. Using our companion product, TopXNotes Mac, you can sync to multiple Apple touch devices from one Mac. TopXNotes Mac' NoteSync presently supports iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You must have a WiFi network to use sync. Go to for more on TopXNotes Mac.

What's New

Major Note Synchronization Rewrite and Revision:
- Add a TXT Record containing the UDID (universal identifier) of the iDevice, to the NSNetService instance (TopXNotes Sync service.) The UDID is used by TopXNotes Mac to identify the iDevice for Sync purposes.

- Improved code that establishes the UDID for the iDevice and implemented new Apple recommended software UDID as Apple is removing the old UDID calls we were using in iOS 7.

- Fixed problem of Sync failing because the notepad received "in one fell swoop" is too large and causes memory failure. Fix involved breaking the reception of the notepad into small blocks.

- Fixed problem of Sync not re-enabling when TopXNotes becomes active again after an iOS 7 device has gone to sleep or TopXNotes has gone to the background.

- Fixed "notepad not sorting" after Sync.

- Tweaked so that works reliably with Tropical Store target which using CocoaAsyncSocket.

- Implemented a marker after iOS-sent notepad file so that MacOS can detect the end of file.

- Implemented GCDAsyncSocket (slightly modified) to replace existing hand coded TCP networking code.

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