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Type faster on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets.

With TextExpander touch, you create a library of abbreviation shortcuts for snippets of text that you use frequently, such as addresses, URLs, and standard replies. Tap that abbreviation, and it automatically expands to the full snippet. (You can even insert today's date automatically with the default abbreviation "ddate"!)

You can use your TextExpander touch snippets directly in over 25 apps that support it, including Byword, Dispatch, Drafts, Fantastical 2, Launch Center Pro, TaskAgent, and Tap Forms. See for a complete list.

Given the current feature set of the iOS, TextExpander touch cannot work in the background (as it does in Mac OS X), expanding text snippets while you work in another app, unless that app supports TextExpander touch.

Compose new email messages in TextExpander touch, using your snippet library of boilerplate paragraphs, email addresses, URLs and signatures. Use fill-in snippets to customize common responses. Automatically insert the message into an email in Mail or copy it for use in other apps.

If you use TextExpander on the Mac, you can also share the snippet groups with iOS devices over your local network, and you can sync your snippets via Dropbox.

"If you do a lot of writing and communication on your iPhone, TextExpander is practically required for efficiency." - iPhone AppStorm

- Compose notes quickly and easily that contain frequently-used text, addresses, phone numbers, email signatures, URLs, etc.
- Supported in over 25 apps, including Byword, Dispatch, Drafts, Fantastical 2, Launch Center Pro, TaskAgent, and Tap Forms
- Automatically insert your notes into Mail and SMS messages, or copy-and-paste into other apps on your iOS device
- Automatically insert today's date with the short abbreviation ddate
- Use Dropbox to sync snippets
- Add TextExpander snippets from your Mac via your local network
- Save composed notes in an archive for reuse
- Use multiple snippet groups
- Add Predefined Groups such as accented words, symbols, HTML, and CSS

What's new

• Updated for iOS 7, which is now required
• Uses iOS’s sharing view for Copy / Email / Tweet actions
• Adds group info view
• Adds option to avoid expansion of specific groups on iOS
• Adds Organize button to snippet editor to move a snippet to another group
• Supports reordering groups in group list
• Adds snippet preview view
• Supports Dynamic Type in snippet editor
• Improves support for VoiceOver
• Adds support for hardware keyboard commands:
- ⌘+ and ⌘- increase and decrease the font size of selected text
- ⌘N creates a new snippet, group, or note
- ⌘Return functions as Done, or shares snippet or note
- Escape functions as Cancel
- ⌘T toggles between Notes and Groups
- up and down arrows navigate through the list of snippets or notes on iPad
• Adds swipe left to preview snippet from snippet editor
• Adds swipe right to return to previous view where appropriate
• Adds three finger tap to share snippet or note, two finger swipe left to copy
• Adds onboarding introduction


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