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confirmation of the iPhone reminder & been checked, it is a task management app that can be such as to quickly and easily change the date. I am well received and inherited a system of "Cal2Todo swipe", the task to be done is easy to use now, please take advantage of the easy-to-read swipe task.

■ How to use
Today, tomorrow, in the form of a list, separated, such as one week, you will see the package to be done.
When pulling down under you can add a new task.
Press and hold the Tasukuseru, you can change the priority.

· Completion
When you release by swiping from left to right, and then "Finish" the task.

· Delete
When you release by increasing swipe from left to right, and then "Delete" the task.

Or postponement
When you release by swiping from right to left, "postponed" menu is displayed.
The postponement menu has choices such as the following.
• After 15 minutes, after 1 hour, 3 hours later: you can postpone sentence the task, it was specified from the current date.
- Morning, noon, evening, 9:00 the task, 12:00, I will postpone 19 o'clock. For example, if you select the "morning", if you are past the current 9:00, and then postponed at tomorrow of 9.
- Today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow: I will move a task to each day.
· Weekend, Monday: Saturday the task of following, I will defer to the next Monday.
· No date: I will erase the date that has been set.

· Filters
List, date, priority, and not-complete: list you want to display, date existence, specify priority, the, complete, incomplete, and you can view narrow.

[List Toggle]
When you swipe the bottom bar to the left or right, you can switch the list.

■ How to use the recommended
[Quick alarm on-off]
In the standard reminder app, scheduled for there date will is always alarm notification.
In this application, "but the date is set, the alarm off," you can be in.
When you release by increasing swipe from right to left in the list, toggles the alarm on and off.

[You put a deadline, you can remove]
Low priority scheduled to leave with no due date, you can quickly date set if you specify the "Today" in the postponed menu If your hands are empty.
In addition, it was scheduled for today in reverse, the task priority is lowered to specify the "no date" in the postponed menu.
And if by selecting the "Date Only" in narrowing down menu, no date task no longer appears in the list.

■ Notes
· Completed tasks are displayed only those within 6 days from completion.

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