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This is the old version of Stickyboard. Please download Stickyboard 2 instead (it's a lot better!): Tap to the Developer page, or search for "Stickyboard 2".

Imagine A Giant Whiteboard With A Never-Ending Stack Of Sticky Notes.

Nothing beats a whiteboard and sticky-notes for capturing lots of loose information and visualizing their relationships. It's easy to rearrange ideas, see the big picture, and discover important patterns.

Stickyboard takes that flexibility and adds the convenience and power of your iPad. Don't worry about losing notes after a meeting. Organizing notes are now a snap. It's much easier to carry around, and a lot friendlier for the environment.

Put all your ideas on a single board and easily see everything at once by zooming in and out. Use any color coding system you like. Effortlessly drag and drop your notes - unlike paper sitcky notes, they don't fall off after too may moves.

Think in the way that works best for you, and for the problem at hand.

--- Features: ---

+ A clean and uncluttered interface with fast and fluid controls only possible on the iPad.

+ A large, zoomable board to capture all your ideas. Zoom by pinching, and pan by dragging the board. Tap to add a note. Drag notes around with your finger.

+ It's easy to rearrange ideas, capture their relationships, and discover important patterns.

+ Four standard colors (yellow, blue, pink, and green), plus 2 special ones (lavender and sunrise).

+ Free-form drawing with the marker tool. Write, outline, and sketch around your notes.

+ Email boards as PDF. Easily share with colleagues or archive changes.

+ Infinitely flexible. Use all your real-world sticky-note techniques (visit our website for tips and resources).

+ Note expose: Swipe down with 3 fingers to view all notes arranged in a grid. Swipe again to restore. Don't worry, your layout is always preserved.

+ Tap the qrayon logo to view help, plus get the latest tips & tricks.

The Free Edition of Stickyboard comes with one large board, perfect for a single project. It includes most of the major features of the Pro Edition.

Upgrade in-place to the Pro Edition at any time to get all the Pro features:

+ Multiple boards

+ Multi-colored markers

+ Project to an external VGA display (requires VGA connector)

plus get future Pro upgrades free and support the continued effort of developing even more awesome features and apps.

--- Stickyboard is great for: ---

• TODOs and reminders

• Scheduling and planning

• Meeting notes

• Brainstorming and organizing your ideas

• Doodling and sketching

--- We LOVE to hear from you! ---

Productivity apps for the iPad are a new and vast frontier with plenty of possibilities. We are committed to building apps that you will find useful for your work and business. Stickyboard is continuously being improved and updated. Visit to let us know what you are looking to do, and what features you would like to see in a future release. We love feedback.

Follow us on our blog or at to hear about the latest work we are doing to make the iPad a truly great productivity device.

If you find Stickyboard useful, please help us by rating it. Apps live and die by their ratings, and your feedback is very important to us.

What's new

Fix occasional board saving issue.


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