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Soulver for iPad

Soulver for iPad

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Note: This is NOT the universal version of Soulver.

There is a universal version of Soulver available and future features will only be available in that version. If you would like to purchase Soulver, get that version instead.


Soulver is the essential app for doing quick calculations and figuring stuff out on the iPad.

Write out calculations line by line on the notepad on the left, and the answers are displayed instantly on the right. All your work is visible all the time, and you can go back and change any line. It's like doing math on paper, except the calculator is part of the page.

Soulver is unique in that it allows you to use words alongside your numbers, so your calculations actually make sense. It's great for shopping (discounts, totals), or just about any day-to-day calculations. It's so easy to play around with different scenarios, figure out profit margins, and compare different options lines by line.

Soulver displays a total of all your lines, and your work is automatically saved, which is perfect for keeping track of daily expenses, budgeting and travelling. You can easily work out percentages too, as Soulver supports over 14 different percentage operations which is great for quick markups (tax tips, etc). You can also do currency conversions.

Once you try Soulver, you'll never want to use a traditional calculator again.


- Refined, clean interface for doing quick calculations.
- Do calculations naturally over multiple lines; edit any part of them.
- Use words alongside your numbers so they make sense.
- Do calculations and conversions with different currencies.
- A custom keyboard designed for doing quick math with big pressable buttons.
- Keyboard displays more advanced features in landscape mode.
- Multiline calculations where you can refer to the results of previous lines.
- Automatically saves your work for later reference, and includes multi-document support.
- Send beautifully formatted emails of your calculations from within Soulver.
- Sync your documents to the iPhone version of Soulver, and your Mac, using Dropbox


- Very powerful instant calculation engine. Supports insanely large numbers.
- All the standard calculator functions built-in, like trigonometry, log, √, mod, etc.
- Create variables to hold commonly used numbers.
- Support for calculations in hex & binary.

Go to to see Soulver in use, and try it for Mac and iPhone too.

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- Updated for iOS 8

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