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SmartDay - now with SmartShare!
SmartDay organizes all your tasks, appointments, notes, and projects together in one place - smartly, by finding time for you and showing exactly what you can accomplish today and for the entire week. And now you can share projects with other team- and class-mates, even with family members. Check out the details below.

“Combine the connectivity of Evernote with the task management of OmniFocus. Add a Calendar and Sharing - then add a brain - and you’ve got SmartDay.”

- recent adaptor


Create some Projects, such as “Home Repairs” or “Build a Spaceship.” Add Tasks to each. Then in the Task list, see all your tasks from your projects, combined together. Sort them by priority or by deadline. Notice how they are segmented by day of the week - SmartDay shows you which tasks will fit into each day, given your other appointments. Then view them directly integrated into your calendar, together with your appointments. Smart! You can also schedule tasks manually, simply drag them onto the timeline of your calendar for the ultimate in control.


SmartShare is a new feature of SmartDay Online that allows you to share projects with anyone else. It is free. Try it out. Share a project with anyone else. Assign tasks and monitor their completion. Start a conversation about the project, or about any individual task (“Should the spaceship door be on the top?” “I think it should be on the side.”). On your Mac, open SmartDay and you can automatically see all Tasks that have been assigned to you by others. A “Notifications” button appears when you have new messages or new notifications from shared projects.

To learn more about SmartShare, go to or click on the MARKETING link below.


• Four Handy Views: Calendar, Tasks, Projects, Notes.
• Calendar View has a drop-down Week & Month Calendar, shading shows busy.
• Task List shows which tasks fit into which days. Smart filters and sorts.
• Notes view has embedded checklists that can repeat, handy for shopping.
• Projects view shows % complete.
• Built-in Timer records date/time of any task or call, great for billing.
• Syncs with either your iOS Calendar, or SmartDay Online (not both).
• SmartDay Online sync connects with SmartDay on your Mac and Android devices.

• iPad: Planner Pro with unique Week/Month calendar and drop/drop planning.
• iPhone: View and Print a Weekly Agenda with integrated tasks and appointments.


• AIRDROP - share items with other SmartDay users
• LOCATIONS - create and share for alerts and filtering tasks
• MAPS - get driving directions directly from the app
• GEO-FENCING - set alerts when you arrive or leave locations


SmartDay runs on your iPhone and on your iPad, with special features designed for each device. All for one price. .

To learn more about SmartDay for Mac OS X, go to or click on the SUPPORT link below.

What's new

New sharing features! On your free SmartDay Online account:

- Share Projects
- Assign Tasks to others
- Invite Members to Meetings
- Share Notes
- Initiate, and join in, conversations about the Project or individual Tasks

Then on your Mac, open SmartDay to:

- View Shared Projects
- View Meeting Events from Shared Projects, in your Calendar
- View Tasks that have been Assigned to you by others
- View Tasks that you have Assigned to others from your Shared Projects
- View Conversation updates from your Shared Projects, as they come in

- Fixed bugs
- Improved performance


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