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Shake Awake

Shake Awake

       iOS Universal

- Do you have trouble waking up in the morning?

- As seen on TV!

Then you need Shake Awake! The alarm clock you need to shake to turn off!

A regular alarm will just wake up your brain, let Shake Awake wake up your whole body!

Works just like the built in alarm clock app except you set your shake time from 5 seconds to one minute!

Comes with built in rings or choose music from your itunes library!

also works as a night stand alarm clock, Shake Awake will display the time all night (or you can put it in dim mode).


Remember you must leave the Shake Awake app running when you go to sleep or it won't go off in the morning. Turn on the auto-dim function in the settings if the light from the screen bothers you.



— 24 or 12 hour time format
— 40 Alarms to choose from
— Or choose a song from Itunes
— Auto Lock Disable function
— Adjustable Snooze Time
— NEW - Strobe flash feature
— Turn the clock any color you choose from our custom built color picker
— Auto Dim mode for clock screen while you sleep
— Clock displays in vertical and horizontal modes
— Tap the screen in clock mode to see next alarm
— Set as many alarms as you want
— Display date on/off


To change settings for Shake Awake, click the "i" in the bottom corner of the clock screen and on the "set alarm" screen click settings in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Remember you must leave the Shake Awake app running when you go to sleep or it won't go off in the morning.


If you set Shake to "never" then you will just need to give the phone a quick shake to shut it off.

Also after you download it please click BrennanMoyMedia above to check out all of our other great apps.

What's new

- Updated for iOS 8
- Updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
- Now with Gravity!


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