Electronics Engineering ToolKit PRO for iPhone

Electronics Engineering ToolKit PRO for iPhone

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This is the brand-new Electronics Engineering ToolKit PRO for iPhone! The HIGHLY RATED and RECOMMENDED Electronics productivity app.

Users say it is the BEST and MOST PRACTICAL EE ToolKit App in the whole iTunes App Store.

From an electronics enthusiast with a master's degree in Electronics Engineering. This App is for engineers, students and hobbyists and anyone interested in Electronics Engineering.

The App gets CONSTANT and POWERFUL improvements!


“Awesome app, constant and powerful improvements”
This app was worth every penny I paid for it back when I bought it years ago. Since then, I’ve regularly used it at work and found it to be an excellent, quick tool to use. The most impressive aspect of this app are the constant and VERY impressive updates! Massive feature additions and very easy to use interface! The list of capabilities this app has makes it an amazing value for truly anyone involved in electronics.

“Latest version makes this an exceptional tool”
The EE Toolkit was always a very useful tool, but with the additions in the latest version it is truly an exceptional tool. The author is extremely diligent in managing bugs and improving the tool.

“A superb app highly recommended”
Fantastic application. Very useful. Always updated. Good developer. Lots of great bonus tools. Just love it.

Ω more than 100 electronic applications
Ω amazingly great multi-functional keyboard
Ω color code picker tools
Ω now with a brand-new Audio Scope and a frequency pitch detector
Ω new Favorites page
Ω of course with a full-featured frequency generator
Ω extra large component reference section (incl. 7400 Series, PIC family, etc.) with the option to open pdf datasheets live or by e.g. iBooks
Ω simple and quick unit conversion within the single calculators
Ω fast on-the-fly conversions and calculations
Ω real-time circuit simulations
Ω support for preferred E series, sliders and min/max calculations
Ω auto-save of all entries over several sessions
Ω and many many more

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What's New


Ω New resistor, capacitor, inductor color code picker tools! Now you can even choose from two pickers, the table picker and a manual configuration using a scroll-through table.

Ω New waveform scrolling tool! The Frequency section has been extended with a very nice tool that allows scrolling through different waveforms. The current frequency or period is shown as well as Vp and Vpp.

Ω Improved LED Tools with recommended resistor from various E Series. Now the next higher resistor value is used for the full calculation to provide an even more useful result for your example of use.

Ω New features for the Function Generator:
• Fully customizable phase setting: -180° - 180° for both channels using sliders and buttons for fixed values (-180, -90, 0, 90, 180).
• Soft-Start/Soft-Mute: Starting and stopping of playback now works very smoothly with a soft-start or soft-mute ramping (attack/decay), respectively. With that addition, there are no more pops or clicks when starting or stopping playback of tones.
• New menu so you can enter the volume directly (not just via the volume slider like before). The selectable range is either 0-100 or -60dB to 0dB if you prefer using dB entry. The maximum volume is determined by the respective value configured on the Settings page. Press on the “Master Volume” button to activate!
• New Timed Playback feature: set a completely customizable timer (hours:minuts:seconds) for exact timing of your playback. Whenever active, playback will stop after the timer has counted down to zero.
• Added Siren Mode for Sweep Repeat setting.
• Change waveforms on the fly: now playback continues even if you change the waveform type while playback is already active.
• Check if Mono Audio is enabled on your iDevice.

Ω New PCB Via RLC tool to provide an approximation of the total resistance, capacitance and inductance of a typical PCB through-hole Via.

Ω New PCB plane LC tool to calculate the capacitance and the inductance of a specific plane on a Printed Circuit Board.

Ω Improved scrolling through decibel nomograms.

Ω New Zoom View for all component reference tools (7400, Transistors, etc.).

Ω Added discharging option for the capacitor charge and energy tools.

Ω Added ft2 support for the unit picker; added missing minus input for the dB keyboard; added copper thickness in ounces (oz) to all PCB tools.

Ω Added frequency scale to the Audio Scope.

Ω Added voltage ratio calculation with reference to 0dB in the voltage divider tool. Added also an option to swap R1 and R2 values.

Ω Added an option to enter the cross section area directly in the Wire Ampacity Tool.

Ω Fixed conversion issue for the Speed of Sound calculator.

Ω Fixed wrong offset in the view of the Function Generator Tools for the iPhone Plus.

Ω Fixed dragging issue for the favorites view in iOS 10.

Ω Other fixes and improvements all around the App.

Dropbox and more are now available via the Locations button in the iCloud Drive. Make sure you install the native App(s) so this feature can work properly.

Thank you very much for using the EE ToolKit! If you have a moment, please leave a review in the App Store. With this, you are really helping a lot so we can further develop and improve the App. Thank you so much!

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