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RPN-45 SD is a complete simulation of the scientific hand-held calculator HP-45 from 1973. Powerful enhancements turn the calculator into an amazingly useful tool for the 21st century.


• Photo-realistic look based on an existing device
• Printer to keep a record of calculations
• Animated keys with adjustable click sound and visual feedback
• Simulation of the HP-45's computation times (may be disabled)
• All functions and operations of the HP-45 fully implemented
• "Secret" stopwatch implemented, extensible from 12 to 100 hours capacity
• Stopwatch may be preset to current time
• Swipe left across display to correct wrong number entries
• Cut/copy/paste of display value
• Tap display to show stack and all memory registers
• Complex numbers may be used in almost all operations
• Non-volatile stack and registers
• 18 storage locations (9 in complex number mode)
• Exponentiation and factorial accept any values (incl. complex)
• Optional hyperbolic functions
• Logarithm to any base (incl. complex)
• Solve linear equations in two or three unknowns
• Solve quadratic and cubic equations
• Normal distribution, Pearson correlation coefficient of paired variables
• Linear regression with estimates
• Weighted mean
• Permutation, Combination (binomial coefficient)
• Integer and fractional part of a number
• Display rounding
• Random numbers in any range, integer or real
• Day of the week of any date between Jan 1, 0001 and Dec 31, 9999
• Easter date for any year between 1583 and 4099
• Support for Julian dates
• Date and day of the week a number of days away (past or future)
• Number of days between any two dates
• Last Stack operation
• Show display value in hexadecimal
• Percentage of sum
• Register arithmetic includes summation registers and LAST x
• Indicators for active prefix keys
• Angular mode indicator
• Localized decimal point
• Thousand's separator

Double-tap the display for some basic hints.

Also available for iPad (RPN-45 HD).

For more information, a manual and sample calculations visit the RPN-45 website: cuveesoft.ch/rpn45/en

What users said:

"Have been using HP RPN calculators since HP-35 first came out. The CuVée versions for Apple products are the best emulations by far. I have, and regularly use, them all."

"This app is a great emulator of the classic HP-45 Scientific Calculator, in look, feel and function. It keeps getting better and better with each update."

"This is the most like the real thing that I've used. I've bought others but keep coming back to this App. It's photorealistic, the LEDs appear the way the real ones do, and the buttons almost give the same satisfying feedback of the real thing."

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What's New

• Now you can backup all registers in a separate area. Great for keeping values handy without risk of deleting them inadvertently, e.g. phone numbers, paid share prices, etc.
– STO Rv = copy registers to backup area
– RCL Rv = retrieve registers from backup area
– STO (or RCL) x≷y Rv = swap registers with backup area

• To clear the stack and all registers, tap the gold key twice and execute CLx. The backup area remains unaffected.

• In print mode ALL, all solutions of the linear equation solver are shown on the tape

• When computing integral roots of a complex number, e.g. (3+5i)^(1/6), multiple results are returned in X and the registers 1..9 (i.e. up to a total of 10 results)

• For statistical calculations, ∑y², ∑xy, ∑x²y are now available in registers R16, R17, R18

• STO x≷y ∑+ swaps statistics registers R5..R8 with extended registers R.5..R.8

• The register view now shows the names of the statistical registers

• Improved pasting of values into display, e.g. after copying from paper tape

• Changed input order of weighted mean arguments: x = value, y = weight (frequency)

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