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Pocket Informant is a professional level planner integrating calendaring and task management, along with rich notes and contacts. Our users are passionate and rightfully so. Their calendars and tasks drive them to success and Pocket Informant helps them get there. Join the almost million users who depend on Pocket Informant daily and have for almost 15 years.

“Tried it all, and found the best. From functionality to support, I could not have asked for a better app!”
“This app is the reason I bought an iPad. I traded in my DayRunner and other tools because Informant covers them all.”

Works with your built-in calendar data, Google, Toodledo, Evernote or our own Informant Sync.  FREE download includes 7-day trial of full feature-set. Requires one-time purchase in-app for full feature-set. This is a try-before-you-buy because we are confident that you will LOVE Pocket Informant!

UPGRADE TO PREMIUM (one-time purchase)
In addition to allowing unlimited calendars, Reminders and tasks, Premium includes the following:
• Print your calendar/tasks (list format)
• Sync with Google, Toodledo, and Evernote
• Airdrop, Email or Message your events, tasks & notes
• Rich Text Notes and Contact Management
• Task Smart Filters

• Type (or speak*) naturally! Simply enter phrases like “Coffee with Mom Tuesday at 8am”.
• TravelAssist™ helps manage the timezone mess! Let Informant automatically setup your timezones for you – both inside and outside your trip dates!
• Today Widget allows you to see and access your Informant data from your device home screen!
• Travel ETA to your next event
• Show Event Conflicts by Calendar
• Location Aware - PI suggests locations as you type. See today’s events plotted on a map. Tap to get driving directions to your events.

GET HOLIDAY AND OTHER CALENDARS: We've partnered with SchedJoules to offer you a huge selection of calendars that you can purchase from their calendar store (integrated into Informant): everything from Name Days, Holidays, Phases of the Moon, Sports Calendars, and more.

• Type (or speak*) naturally! Enter phrases like “Take out garbage every Friday at 8am”.
• Checklists - for tasks that contain lists - like groceries, packing, etc.
• Fully integrated in the calendar - or as a separate view
• Filtering - several handy built-in filters or create your own Smart Filters.
• Templates - create templates that automatically pre-populate new tasks
• Task Modes - Simple, GTD, or Franklin Covey. Manage your tasks in your own way!

Automatically bring up templates and contacts as you enter an event or task title to setup meetings, calls, and more!
Link to phone numbers, addresses, email addresses for quick access

Get task alerts when you get near a custom area around your locations (geofencing) - or indoors using Apple’s iBeacon technology. Geofencing works great for outdoor locations – iBeacons handle the indoor locations!
Automatically change your Calendar or Task filters based on location

Planning a day out on the beach? Check the forecast on your calendar! Requires in-app purchase. Free trial included.

• Informant Sync - The best way to keep all your Informant data in sync across all your iOS & Android devices. Available as an in-app subscription.
• Google Calendar & Tasks (Premium Feature)
• Toodledo (Premium Feature)
• Evernote (Premium Feature)
• Access iPhone/iPad Events and Reminders directly

Several built-in themes to fit your style! Colors, icons, tags, and more!

Check out our website (http://pocketinformant.com/) for more information!
If you have questions, please visit the links below or send an email to press@webis.net

*Dictation requires iPhone 4S or later, 5th gen iPod Touch or 3rd gen iPad or later
GTD and Getting Things Done are ® of the David Allen Company

What's New

This update focuses on small improvements as we continue working on our next major releases - Apple Watch and Informant 5.0. Check our website for Mac Desktop Informant as well. Here are the improvements:

- Simpler color management for Events and Tasks. You can now see the color an event or task is going to have by its calendar, sync account, tag, or set an individual color for that event or task.
- Fixed Informant Beacons not being saved when selected for new or edited tasks
- Improvements to support the latest iOS update
- Improvements to how our widgets communicate with each other
- Quick Entry now supports the word "due" for due dates and if you type in a time that is prior to the current time, it assumes you mean tomorrow.
- Added support for iOS 8.3 Emoji
- Improved visuals in some areas
- Updated our Helpshift support framework
- Fixed Font Settings not reloading
- Removed some over-optimizations that were causing some event changes not to be seen right away
- In progress filter on Tasks View shouldn't show undated tasks
- Fixed interface issues with custom recurrence selector
- Improved some recurrence logic related to nth weekday recurrence rules
- Fixed an intermittent Next Action behavior for Sequential Projects
- Improved sync operation failure when network isn't available
- Improved sync operation for keep-alive failure with Toodledo's server
- Improved Google sync backend for a variety of edge cases
- Fix some issues with converting an event to a task
- Fixed an issue with Travel Events that have no proper color
- Fixed an issue where an event occurrence could get duplicated during cache expansion. The specific case that triggered it was a weekly repeating all day event that went from Sun to Sat.

Informant never prompts you for a review because we value your workflow too much to interrupt it. If you feel generous and have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. Thank you in advance!

We appreciate hearing from our customers on both the rants and the raves. Please note that some features or options may be off by default so check our settings or website to see if its there. Finally, if you are upgrading from an older version or installing on a new device, Informant may start up in a FREE mode. Simply select "Already Purchased", or "Restore Purchases" to allow Informant to recognize your previous purchase.

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