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Phocus — A Beautiful Productivity Timer

Phocus — A Beautiful Productivity Timer

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Phocus is a simple time management app aimed at helping you be more productive throughout the day.

Nowadays, it can be pretty hard to avoid distraction while you're trying to get stuff done, what with email and Twitter and lolcats just a click away. That's where Phocus comes in.

It splits your workday into a series of timed work periods, each followed by a rest period. Knowing a break is just around the corner makes focusing on your current task a lot easier.

With its prominent timer and color-coded progress bar, Phocus acts as a constant reminder, encouraging you to concentrate and letting you know when it's okay to goof around for a bit.


Check out a video demonstration of Phocus at


• Large Countdown Timer
Easily spot your remaining time. (Or hide the countdown if it's distracting you.)

• Color-Coded Progress Bar
As you work, the bar fills up, shifting from red to green. During breaks (blue) and rewards (purple), it empties out. Repeat.

• Pick Your Pace
It's easy to set the work, break, and reward durations to fit your specific needs.

• Enter Your Current Task
It'll show up during work phases, silently nagging you to stop clockwatching.

• Track Your Performance
Keep an eye on the running tallies for your completed and retried phases.

• Persistent Timer
Leave with the timer counting down, and it'll update when you return.

• Local Notifications
When it's closed, Phocus can still alert you to the end of a phase.

• Continuous Play Mode
Allow the timer to automatically continue to the next phase in the background.

• Never Auto-Lock
Prevent your device from falling asleep if you work with Phocus open nearby.

• Alarms, Sound Effects, and Ticking
Sounds are nice, but they're optional. Toggle each independently to your liking.

• Meticulous Design
Every carefully-thought-out pixel really shines, especially on the Retina Display.

• A Delightful Experience
Phocus is made to be as simple, beautiful, and fun to use as possible. Enjoy : )


Phocus only works on devices running iOS 4.0 and higher.

Although it will run on iPad, Phocus is made specifically for iPhone (3G and higher) and iPod touch (v3 and higher).


Keep up with the development of Phocus by following @phocusapp on Twitter. You can also follow @onetinypixel, which is really just a guy named @marshallbock.

If you have any questions that the manual can't answer, or if you have suggestions to make Phocus better, feel free to email for support.

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What's New

- Add or remove time in 1-minute increments! Just tap-and-drag-away from the plus and minus buttons
- Use Phocus with your device in upside-down portrait mode (handy when charging without a dock)

- Vibration now occurs at the end of each phase if Alarms are enabled
- Ticking no longer occurs during Break and Reward phases
- Lowered the inherent volume of the Ticking sound (Note: The overall volume of Phocus' alarms and sound effects is tied to your device's Ringer Volume.)
- "Review" button in Settings now properly links to the App Store
- Various minor code, text, and interface tweaks

I love hearing your feedback and suggestions! Feel free to drop me a line at Or if you're feeling generous, you can leave a review on the App Store (considering the in-app link actually works now).

Enjoy : )

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