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Papers 3 for iOS

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Papers is your personal library of research on the go. Find, read, organize, share and sync your research papers - anytime, anywhere!

• Revolutionize how you collect, organize, and read documents.
• Search simultaneously from 20+ repositories, including PubMed, Scholar and ArXiv.
• When you import papers into your library, Papers lets you organize them in collections and read, annotate and freehand draw them in glorious full screen.
• Import Word, PowerPoint, and other document files to your library and organize them just as easy as your PDFs.
• Automatically find and download the PDF for references you import from search engines, when the full-text is available!
• Papers now also optionally lets you store and synchronize your library on Dropbox to your Mac, PC and iOS devices.
• Create shared collections and add content to your Reading list, also accessible via your web browser.

Papers is a full workflow solution designed to make sure you spend time on what’s important: your research.

What's New

• Keep your Papers 3 library in sync using your local Wi-Fi network. Upgrade to Papers 3 for Mac version 3.3.0 to use Wi-Fi syncing between your iOS and Mac devices.
• Import papers directly from journal websites into your Papers Online Reading List with the new Papers Online sharing extension (iOS 8 users only).

Performance & Stability:

• General: Improved app stability.
• Syncing: Several improvements to performance and reliability.
• Syncing: Reduced CPU usage during syncing.
• Syncing: Improves cleanup of temporary files on disk during syncing.
• Syncing: More responsive UI updates immediately after syncing.
• Import: Several improvements to the reliability of importing papers into the Library.
• Search: Resolves an issue preventing the IEEE search engine from returning any results due to a recent server-side change.
• Keywords: Resolves a bug causing keyword duplication in certain circumstances with libraries that were migrated from older versions of Papers. Also cleans up the duplicate keywords.
• Inspector: Several improvements to editing journal metadata.
• Inspector: Resolves an issues preventing authors from being edited.
• Inspector: No longer lists authors instead of editors when editing editors in the Inspector.
• Collections: Several improvements to the "Current Collections" pop-over in the metadata inspector on iPad.
• Trash: Resolves a bug in the last update that meant moving papers out of the Trash was impossible.
• Trash: Resolves a bug preventing the Trash being emptied on iPhone if all papers in the Library were moved to the Trash.
• Reader: Freehand annotations with different line thicknesses or colors are now saved correctly when made in the same drawing session on iPad.
• Sharing: Displays a notification if the user tries sharing a paper via email when no email account is set up on the device.
• Sharing: Improves the "Email the Publication..." functionality.
• Sharing: Corrects date capitalization when using the "Share --> Copy All Notes" function.
• Collections: Improves the warning notification shown when deleting Manual and Smart Collections from a device.
• Settings: To avoid user confusion, syncing options are now disabled when no syncing method has been configured.
• Settings: Support Request, Knowledge Base and Credits & Licenses screens can now be shown in landscape orientation on iPad.
• Dropbox: Improves the presentation of the Dropbox authenticator window.
• Reader: Improves the look and feel of the Search and Landmarks buttons.
• Settings: Improves the look and feel of the Limit File Storage option screen.
• Settings: Other minor improvements to look and feel throughout the Settings sidebar.

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