NotePlan: Markdown Calendar, Notes and Todo-Lists

NotePlan: Markdown Calendar, Notes and Todo-Lists

iOS Universal Productivity

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Plan your day efficiently on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

NotePlan is a daily planner and a place for your projects. Get more things done with a Markdown Calendar, Notes, and Todo Lists

Daily planning can be a mess when you have giant todo-lists or a dozen scribbled notes in notebooks. NotePlan helps you fix this pain with a mix of a calendar, bullet journal, notes, and todo-list. Use it to build your productivity machine!

NotePlan is for busy professionals. Like developers and designers with too many side-projects and a job to handle. It's for people who love writing and plan by writing everything down. If you love using Moleskin Diaries or Journals, NotePlan is perfect for you.

All your notes are safely stored and backed up as lightweight text files in your iCloud Drive. Nothing from NotePlan is sent or stored on our servers. It's designed for Apple only.

NotePlan was made, because no other App has this unique combination of productivity tools: Calendar, Todos, and a Markdown Editor. Use it as:

• Task Manager
• Planner
• Daily Notes
• Calendar
• Note-Taking
• Project-Management
• Todo-List
• Task-Management
• Markdown to do app

NotePlan consists of following parts:

# Calendar:
• Shows your tasks and events in a monthly view.
• Different colors show different states of your tasks.
• Syncs Apple Calendar Events and Reminders.
• Days with open tasks are marked, so you don't miss them.

# Daily Plan:
• Every day in your calendar has a dedicated note for planning
• Manage tasks by checking them off as 'done', 'scheduled' and 'canceled'.
• Schedule a task (or multiple at once), if you couldn't finish it today. Push it quickly to tomorrow or any other day.
• Jump between days and months through swiping.
• Simple text formatting with markdown, such as bold, italic, lists, titles, etc. Organize your day in different projects using titles ('# title') for example.

# General Notes:
• Besides the calendar, you can also manage general notes like checklists, backlogs, etc., which don't have a specific date.
• Filter general notes by tagging them to keep track of your different projects.
• Schedule individual todos from a general note directly into the calendar.


NotePlan was and is continually updated and improved together with an active user community consisting of professionals from all over the world. Many thanks!

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What's New

Read the details of this update on our blog:

* NEW: Shortcuts added for external keyboard support (see the ​latest blog post for a list of shortcuts). Almost all shortcuts from the Mac version are ported. Use a Bluetooth keyboard on your iPad (or even iPhone) to navigate NotePlan using shortcuts!
* NEW: History-back button added. When swiping a note horizontally to the right you can go back to the last note you have opened additionally to going to “yesterday”. Same for swiping left and going forward.
* Fixed: Links were not properly displayed in the summary view below the calendar.
* Fixed: Two links inside one text-block were not detected correctly.
* Fixed: General notes were overwritten, when switching between notes before the current was saved automatically.
* Fixed: Share Extension duplicated content, if something was added manually (again).

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