MarginNote - Annotate on page margins, Organize in mindmap, Sync with Evernote edition

MarginNote - Annotate on page margins, Organize in mindmap, Sync with Evernote edition

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*** Note Taking will NEVER be the same! ***

MarginNote is the smart way to capture, organize, and review your notes.

Now, users can see their notes and main document text all at once, without having to deal with distracting or annoying pop-ups. It’s the most intuitive and productive way to get everything done, whether at school or at work.


•Creative People. 
•Everyone with ideas, vital information, dreams, and more!

== The World’s Most Engaging and Impactful Productivity App  ==

MarginNote has quickly become a favorite mobile app among ambitious, creative, and intelligent achievers searching to maximize their note taking and knowledge integration. It has generated a major buzz on social media and its diverse fans are spreading across the globe!

* Turn your book into flashcards
Organize them into one Mindmap

* Integration with Dropbox, Evernote, and Mindmanager.
Sync your Data. Sync your Notes. Sync your Minds. It’s easy and effective.

* All ideas in one Mindmap.
Highlights, notes, summary, citations, voices organized in one place.

* Organize your notes with ease.
Easily manage your notes with a swipe of a finger.

* View notes in the visible margin of your document.
Organize notes by outline & Mindmap

Other productivity apps don’t let users see their notes and their main document text at the same time. MarginNote is totally different and completely better!

MarginNote also eliminates the need for users to lug around heavy, bulky textbooks and notebooks. All of their data is ready for them in one place and users can organize and reorganize their notes with the swipe of a finger! This ease-of-use is a huge difference between MarginNote and other note apps.

=== MarginNote FEATURES ===

•Intuitive, sleek interface.
•Feature-rich & Easy to use.
•Your notes in the visible margin.
•Organize notes by outline & Mindmap.
•Seamless syncing with Dropbox and Evernote.
•Create outlines of important note files, in order to easily and quickly find specific points.
•Export markup and notes in print-ready format.
•The capacity to store notes on the iPad or in the Cloud.
•Optimization for all the latest mobile devices.
•Updates to ensure flawless use and new bonus features.


Whether its capturing insights for school, work, or personal growth, MarginNote can help make it happen effortlessly. It also doesn’t matter if you are great at note taking or horrible at it, or if you’ve ever used a note-taking app before! MarginNote’s intuitive design and purpose-built features will be your gateway to instant productivity.

Effortlessly access EVERYTHING in one highly flexible Mindmap: Highlights, notes, summary, citations, and voices, all organized in one place!


•Perform better with note taking tips.
•Learn the questions to ask to get the best information.
•How to supplement the learning process through effective note taking.
•Much More!

MarginNote is the only note taking app you’ll ever need! Staying organized, engaged, and in-control just got really simple and effective: MarginNote!

Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve MarginNote! If you have any issues with the app, just contact us and we will help you!

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What's New

Note edit support bullets & numbers.
Enhanced hashtag features.
Backup & restore.
Book marks.
Flashcards flip mode.
Flashcards outline.
Color scheme & styles adjust.
Share notes by MarginNote Message.
Page no of card on mindmap.
Popup dictionary on selection.
Fix bugs.

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