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NOTICE: We are aware of issues with the color of the top bar in iOS7. For more info, visit bfsnet.com/ios7-jci

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"This is one of my most used apps. It is one of the few apps I keep open all the time in my task bar." ~ User Feedback

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Just Checkin' In is a quick e-mail generator that can help you stay in touch quickly & easily with friends, family, co-workers and more - even during those busy moments. Features 24 standard e-mails that can be customized and sent almost instantly. Just Checkin' In is a real time saver!

* Super quick! Super easy! One button to generate e-mail, one button to send (after choosing recipient, assuming a default address is not specified)

* Twenty-four standard e-mails - Customize or use as is

* Customizable title, subject & text (customize only if desired)

* Use with emojis for enhanced appearance

* Your custom text will appear under button & in e-mail

* Easily restore default text

* Conveniently choose e-mail recipient(s) on the fly (or optionally specify a default e-mail address for each of 2 screens)

* Works on devices that have e-mail configured & have an Internet connection

Hassle free! No special e-mail setup required! Uses system e-mail so...
* No other e-mail setup is required
* There is no need to maintain separate settings, folders, etc.

Great for...
* Travelers
* Parents
* Students
* Spouses
* Employees
* Those on the go

Perfect for...
* Busy moments
* Coffee breaks
* Flight arrivals
* Meetings
* Waiting in line
* Love notes
* Quick messages
* Status updates
* Hurried times
* Reminders (to yourself or others)

Can be used for...
* Ride pick ups
* Travel updates
* Meeting updates
* Thinking of you messages
* ETA notifications
* Leaving soon messages
* Call requests
* Status updates
* Quick reminders
* And so much more!

Get it today!

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App Feedback: We love to hear from you! Please send comments, questions, feature requests, etc. to us via our website or use the e-mail address provided on the help screen. Since we can't respond to messages left here, please be sure to contact us via e-mail or our website if you would like us to contact you back. Thank you.

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What's New

* Updated appearance / increased image quality for retina display

* Added option to specify a default e-mail address (& cc/bcc address) on a per screen basis (screen 1 & screen 2) via settings. All e-mails on associated screen will include the default e-mail address, assuming a valid address is specified. Note: It is *NOT* necessary to specify a default e-mail address (or cc/bcc address)...this is just added as an option for those who want this feature

* Updated help file

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