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iUploader™ - Uploads and downloads files

iUploader™ - Uploads and downloads files

       iOS Universal

** Now works with moodle (.org) based curriculum school and college websites and edjoin (.org)

** Now verified to work with GlassDoor(.com), SoundCloud® (.com), ©filecloud (.io) and Taleo (talentexchange .com)

** Easy uploading! Just tap on the enabled Browse... button to pick the file to upload, just like on a desktop/laptop.

"The iUploader app is the only way I know of to load files such as resumes and cover letters to sites such as Monster and CareerBuilder (those having the "Browse for File" links intended for desktop use) from an iOS device. If there is another way to do it, then I'm just not aware of it. I asked for this on the Apple discussion forum months ago and now here it is! Thank you app devs for this!" - (5 stars *****) user review

"It's great that you finally can use the browse button to upload something, a photo, a resume, just add an attachment. You must do this in the browser / address bar in the app, it does not always directly from safari. So just copy the url from safari to the app. And there on the browse button Button...." - (4 stars ****) Dutch user review

** NOTE: You must use the built-in web browser in the app to upload your files.

Uploading tested and verified with the following websites:
* moodle (.org) based curriculum websites * New **
* edjoin (.org) ** New **
* GlassDoor ** New **
* LinkedIn ** New **
* Microsoft Office Outlook® Web Access 2003, 2010.
* Monster® (.com and
* CareerBuilder®
* Craigslist®
* Dropbox®
* Flickr®
* FloridaTechOnline® (.com)
* CX® (.com)
* Toodledo® (.com)
* Redmine based portals
* Petsfinder (.com)
* D-Link DIR-505 Mobile SmartPort router
* SoundCloud® (.com) <- NEW **
* ©filecloud (.io) <- NEW **
* Taleo (talentexchange .com) <- NEW **
* <- NEW ** (Teacher has to turn off AJAX support for the assignments)
* And more...

* Uploads PDFs, Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint® files, Apple Pages®, Apple Numbers®, Apple Keynote®, pngs, zips, photos or any file.
* Open any web page in Safari® in the app by changing the http:// prefix to up://
* Open any web page in Safari® in the app by changing the https:// prefix to ups://
* Open files in mail attachments in the app.
* Downloads Videos, MP3s, PDFs, Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint® files, zips, PDFs and any document not usually downloadable, to the app.
* Use iTunes File Sharing to copy files from your computer into the app.
* Multiple web tabs
* Bookmarks
* Change browser User-Agents
* Passcode lock
* Clear cookies and history
* Downloads and unzips zip files.
* Add your own file extensions for the app to recognize to download files.

The Pro version adds more features than the non-Pro version of iUploader, including:
* Batch play of video files
* Batch play of music files
* External display (TV-out) support
* Remembers last position of videos played
* PDF Editor (upgrade required)
* Track pad
Please contact us at to support additional websites.

* The web site must support forms based HTML file uploads using input type=file.

Recession Apps is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any company whose trademarks appear in the descriptions and help for the iUploader app. Supported websites must implement the standard HTML file upload with standard form post method and input type="file". Cross-site scripting with different domains is not supported due to javascript security.

Before downloading content, verify that you comply with all legal rights and ownerships and terms of service of the respective websites and content owners.

All trademark names are either registered trademark or trademarks of their respective owners in the United States and/or other countries.

Please see for other trademarks, disclosures and disclaimers.

What's new

Added support for the Moodle Platform, moodle (.org) curriculum based websites.
Added support for edjoin (.org).
Fixed problem with DropBox uploading.


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