Inseries Pro - Spreadsheet-like Smart Calculator

Inseries Pro - Spreadsheet-like Smart Calculator

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The smart, modern, and elegant calculator app - optimized for multi-touch
* Easy, logical entering of calculations and clear history of previous results
* Built-in calendar functions (e.g., number of days between two dates)
* Naturally adding and subtracting percentages (e.g., 99+20% taxes or 79-30% discount)
* Gesture support for fast access to previous result and memory

Inseries is the slightly different professional calculator app that allows you to naturally enter calculations and clearly browse your previous results. Simply type in "100+20%" to add taxes, or "100-30%" to easily calculate a discount. Inseries even shows you "pi" as a real constant instead of just a number.

Inseries' clear user interface is designed for multitouch allowing us to come by with a small and simple keypad based on the clear keypad layouts of typical financial and business calculators. By using choosers for quickly accessing functions and constants we could bring in scientific calculator functionality without sacrificing usability.

Intelligent professional calculator
* Fast access to common, date, and scientific functions and constants
* Natural adding and subtracting of percentages
* Quick-sum function for fast adding of multiple numbers
* Real random value generator for RAND() function

Simple and clear user interface
* Easily enter calculations in a spreadsheet-like way
* Copy results and paste support for calculation field
* Fast switching between all, 2, and 4 fraction digits
* Swipe-gestures for storing, recalling and clearing memory

Persistent calculation and result history
* Built-in database for previous calculations and results
* Back-functionality for going back to previous calculation
* Persistent settings, e.g., for fraction digits mode
* Variable-style access to memory ("M") and result ("R")

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What's New

Inseries 2.0 provides a number of significant improvements over previous versions of our smart calculator app:

- New, simplified keypad that makes various input tasks a lot easier through 2nd functions via long-pressing a key — especially entering hex numbers and accessing the most common constants (pi and e)
- More clear representation of past calculations through color coding and more natural operator characters for multiplications and divisions
- Faster way to perform date calculations: you can now easily add days to a date via the standard ‘+’ operator and calculate the number of days between two dates by subtracting them from each other

And finally (we know, long overdue): native support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ screen sizes. Hope you enjoy the new update!

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