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iCalc RPN

iCalc RPN

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iCalc RPN is a beautiful, accurate and EASY to use RPN calculator. This RPN calculator allows for the RPN data entry you love, without the headache and confusion of the more complicated RPN calculators. This calculator is easy to use, accurate and fast. All major functions are provided, yet this calculator is super simple to use.

With gorgeous graphics and a thoughtful and useful layout and user interface, this calculator is sure to be useful for years to come!

Completely programmed and designed in California!


RPN calculators work by pushing and popping numbers onto and off of a stack. For example, if we wanted to find out the answer to the equation:


on an algebraic calculator, we'd need to first calculate 2+3, write that number down, calculate 7+5, write THAT number down, then perform the division. Ultimately, you'd end up with 13 key strokes, and you'd need to write down a few numbers as you went along.

On an RPN calculator, the same equation can be solved with 9 keystrokes. They are:

2 ENT 3 + 7 ENT 5 + ÷

Notice also, there is no need to write anything down!

The basic operation is to place the numbers you wish to use onto the stack by ENTering them, then you choose the operation. So, to add 3 + 5, you enter 3 ENT 5 + (notice the operation keys will also automatically enter the number on the stack). You COULD have also typed 3 ENT 5 ENT +

To add three numbers as in: 3 + 2 + 5, you'd enter 3 ENT 2 ENT 5 + +

Divide: 5 / 2 == 5 ENT 2 ÷

If you had to calculate something like this: (2 + 3 + 5) ÷ 3 you'd enter 2 ENT 3 ENT 5 + + 3 ÷

RPN stands for Reverse Polish Notation; there are many great tutorials on the internet that explain, in more detail, how RPN works.

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