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Heating Pipe Size: pipe sizing & pressure drop calculation for hydronic heating & cooling systems

Heating Pipe Size: pipe sizing & pressure drop calculation for hydronic heating & cooling systems

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Estimate required pipe diameter of a closed hydronic heating or cooling system in an instant.

Enter the required heating or cooling output and water flow and return temperatures. Choose pipe material. The recommended pipe diameter is already there, presented as a standard DN.

Additionally, choose the recommended or a custom pipe diameter and specify pipe section length and fittings. Results include water flow rate, velocity, pressure drop and pressure drop per 100 m of straight pipe and can be used to determine the parameters of a circulation pump.


- Simple to use;
- Suitable for hydronic (water-based) heating and cooling systems;
- Suitable for a large range of heating and cooling outputs;
- Predefined pipe materials;
- Water temperature range from 1 to 99 ÂșC.

Possible uses of the application:

- Quickly estimate required pipe diameter when designing a hydronic (water-based) closed heating or cooling system.

- Quickly determine circulation pump requirements, whether it be a new system or a replacement pump.


- It is recommended to calculate every section of the piping system separately and additionally check the whole system pressure drop.

- The application is only useful for calculations of hydronic (water based) closed heating or cooling systems. Other systems and media are not supported.

- Only metric units are supported.

- The application, while accurate, is not meant as a complete replacement of specialized software for heating and cooling system design.

The application doesn't require data connection. It doesn't require and doesn't collect any personal data. It also doesn't contain ads.

What's new

- iPad support;
- All iPhone screen resolutions supported;
- Minor changes.


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