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Electronic Toolbox Pro

Electronic Toolbox Pro

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The ORIGNIAL Electronic Toolbox Pro app
Electronic reference and calculation resource for professionals, hobbyists, HAMs and students right at your fingertips

What users wrote about this app:

Well worth the money *****
I researched all EE apps before buying this one and I have to say that this one is the best by far. The developer is very accomodating to requests and suggestions and provides updates frequently. Very, very happy with this app.

Simply brilliant *****
I don't normally review apps but I was so impressed with this one I felt I had to make a brief comment. Buy it, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Feature Highlights:
■ Most comprehensive and complete Electronics app available
■ Designed for Novices as well as Experts
■ Includes 72 (no, now already 77!) individual tools from "A" like ASCII Table to "Z" like Zener Diode calculation
■ Provides wide variety of simple and complex tools, such as the resistor color code conversion to the PCB Trace width tools
■ Various calculation tools available, such as the NE555 circuit calculation and the passive cooling calculator
■ Includes reference tools with millions of component specs for ICs, Transistors, FETs, Controllers with parametric searches, pinout and cross reference information, and complete datasheets
■ Provides information about Batteries, Drill sizes, Hybrid Amplifiers, Socket pinouts, package sizes and much more
■ Includes conversion tools, such as the Unit conversion tool, the HEX/Decimal/Float Tool, Frequency and AWG / SWG tools
■ Paremetric search for Components with certain specs and cross references
■ Global search for terms or components across all tools
■ Customizable arrangement of tools for quick and easy access
■ Includes a scientific desktop calculator, a frequency generator, and an oscilloscope
■ Comprehensive reference glossary (english only)
■ Content can be updated "over-the-air" and amended quickly and easily
■ Store diagrams, documents, and specs of a project
■ iCloud and Dropbox support
■ No ads or in-app purchases
■ Can be used without Internet access
■ Special keyboard available for quicker entry of SI units
■ And much more...

For further information about this app, just have a look at my website: ■ ■ or just send me an E-mail.

Version 8 of the app has just been released and as always, this update is FOR FREE to all users of Electronic Toolbox.

At this point, many thanks for the ideas and suggestions I have received from the huge user community. You helped me to keep on improving my app with every new update.

This app will continue to live and grow over the time. So I still look forward to all additional ideas, suggestions or even criticism so that I can continuously improve my app.

Best regards,


What's new

The most important changes first:
■ 64 Bit Support
■ iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sSupport
■ Native iCloud Drive support:
- Share Projects between apps on different Devices
- Share Projects between Electronic- and RF-Toolbox
■ iOS 8.x support
■ Introduction of online Projects
■ Introduction of a FAQ
■ New Tools:
- New Beagle Bone Tool
- New Wheatstone Bridge calculator
- New Truth table / Karnaugh table / logic formula conversion tool
- New Frequency counter tool
- New Logic tool
So there are now 77 tools in total.

Tool Improvements:
■ Improved Coil calculation now with single- multi- ferrite-core, Tesla flat and straight wire
■ Introduction of scalable formulas. Formulas now look much better throughout the app and not so big anymore.
■ The sound Generator can now still run even when leaving the tool
■ The sound Generator now has a volume slider
■ A double-tap is now necessary to zoom images. No longer accidental image zooming
■ In the scope, the scale for FFT is now linear and easier to read
■ An FAQ has been introduced for common questions regarding this app.
■ Values from the Database tools such as the Transistors tool can now be added to projects and now includes all parameters as it already was for calculation tools
■ Bigger selection lists (e.g. for the color selection in the resistors tool)

Project improvements:
All Project maintenance screens have been improved. However, the most important changes here are the support for iCloud drive and the introduction of Online projects

■ Now global search will work again even when in Icon mode
■ Some NTC/PTC tool corrections
■ Some corrections inside the Sockets tool

Content changes:
■Tube 807 pinout added
■ Raspberry Pi Model 2 added

And of course, several bigger and smaller design changes.

This again a quite long list of changes and improvements. However, some of you might miss something you asked me for but that was just one more update and there are more to come over the time. As usual, I am already working on the next update.

Please don't forget:

As with every update, please don't forget to rate this app as all previous reviews will disappear with an update.

Also, since there were many changes and even while having a quite long testing phase, there might be bugs in the app. Just let me know and I will fix it quickly. Promised!

Thank you so much for your great support and suggestions. This has helped to Electronic- and RF-Toolbox to get the best app of its kind on the AppStore (that is, what some users said).

Best regards,



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Mar 01, 2015
Marcus Roskosch
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