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domo To-Do List+ (sync with Google Calendar™)

domo To-Do List+ (sync with Google Calendar™)

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Domo Todo+ is an easy to navigate organizational tool that will quickly become a necessity in your daily schedule planning. It's easy to use controls and one touch search feature make it the perfect addition for when you need a quick reminder to stop on the way home, or have an important report due for a major client. Click "…More" to learn why you should download this App today!

How many times have you set out to make a list of the things you wanted to accomplish for the day, and over the course of making that list ended up needing to create several other lists in the process? If this is a familiar scenario for you, then Domo Todo+ is just the list making tool that you've been waiting for!

Throw away that cluttered day planner that has pieces of paper falling out of it and sticky notes just waiting to get lost. With Domo Todo+ on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, those days of disorganization are nothing more than a bad memory. Just open the app and you'll find all of the organizational tools you need to get your life back in order and running like a well oiled machine.

Domo Todo+ features include:
* Set up due date and time for projects or reminders
* Synchronizes with Google calendar
* Schedule events or errands to best accommodate your routine
* Manage checklists any time from any location to monitor your progress
* Easily add tags with one touch
* Tag based search allows you to find your tasks easily and quickly
* Keep all your tasks in one place
* Local notifications
* Supports iOS4 and retina display

When you open the app, you'll see the main screen and navigation bar. Important dates and tasks are easily identifiable on the calendar by red circles. Items are labeled and color coded by priority. A red label means the task is overdue. Orange means that an item is due soon (or today), blue is for items due at a later date, and gray means the item is completed (Gray will quickly become your favorite color!).

Setting a new task is as easy as tapping the "+" button. By touching an existing item, users can quickly edit their tasks. Items can also be marked by priority, or shown as completed.

With a single gesture, you can search your lists by choosing tags, and highlight and prioritize tasks that need to be done immediately. Tapping the "List" button also lets list makers sort their tasks by simply dragging and dropping them where they want.

Because it syncs with Google calendar, you can easily set up times and dates for projects, meetings, or deadlines from your device or PC's browser. When Google Calendar sends notification of an important date or task, it will also be delivered to your device! That means that all of your tasks, lists and reminders are all in one place, and they go wherever you go.

Domo Todo+ keeps all of your tasks in one place, so it's easy to monitor them and the tag based search makes it amazingly simple for you to remember those little items that you may have otherwise forgotten. Download Domo Todo+ now and find out just how easy it is to be that organized professional you've always wanted to be.

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