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doFORM is a professional production of a form to collect information and tools. Quickly create using WYSIWYG electronic forms, to provide professional development to provide a form to collect a great convenience. Electronic form has the advantage of handling data more intuitive input and view data in tabular form than the use of more humane treatment of data.

The process of creating electronic forms through a simplified, more suitable for operation on mobile phones, users need to form one by one by adding a series of data items, and then edit its properties, you can build a professional electronic form.

After the establishment of electronic forms to collect information on the convenience, only to be entered on the form of data items for data entry, data stored in concentrated form.

§ § § Features § § §

# Form view and edit;
# Form data styles (control): Static text, text input boxes, radio buttons, rating buttons, selector and so on;
# Data storage;
# Data value formula.

§ § § The Road Ahead § § §

# Cloud sharing: You can create a form for everyone to share use;
# More data in the form (control): Pictures, large section of text, radio button, select the date, etc.;
# Data Search: search in the local data needs of key words;
# Database connection: Internet connection through an external database, access to data;
# There are more features so stay tuned.

Instructions for use

There are four main software interface: form library management, forms, form editing, property editing.

Into the software interface is the first form interface, from the top left button to Fall In form management interface, the right of the button into the form editing interface, in the form editing interface, click a data item to enter the properties of the data item editing interface.

§ § § Form library management § § §

View the form of local storage. The interface can increase or decrease in the form, open form.

§ § § Form § § §

View and edit the form data, form the bottom of the form for data retrieval toolbar, from left to right are: previous data, new data, delete the current data, the next data.

The top left of the button from the form into the form editing mode.

§ § § form editor § § §

Form editing mode, you can change the form of data items, click a data item to enter the data item attribute editing.

§ § § Attribute Editor § § §

Specific data item edit form properties:
# Styles and sub styles: display and edit data entry form;
# Title: forms, data entry value of the previous fixed text;
# Description: Additional description of the data items in different styles, the role is slightly different: the text input box, the text content for display in the absence of prompt information; selector follows: for the list selector value can be selected , with the "|" symbol split each value.
# Name: required attribute of data items (only) the name, the property is also used in the calculation of the publicity, the variable name referenced data;
# Default: The default value of data items;
# Formula: the formula is given data item, the user's input will be ignored, according to the formula will automatically calculate the numerical results;
# Lock: locked the data item is no longer editable (but does not affect the formula).

§ § § Steps to create a form § § §

# In the form library to add new form;
# Into the form editing mode;
# Add new data items;
# Click the new data item into the data item property editor;
# Modify the data item title, name and other information;
# Return to edit mode to view the edited form of a new style;
# Exit the edit mode;
# Edited.

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