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DEVONthink To Go is the mobile companion to DEVONthink for Mac. Take your databases with you and organize your documents on the go. Synchronize your data directly on the local network, via Dropbox, or any WebDAV server. Strong encryption keeps your private data private.

DEVONthink is the no. 1 application on the Mac for document and information management. It is used by information workers in education, research, law, consulting, and governments anywhere from home offices to corporations.

DEVONthink To Go 2 was rewritten from scratch to replace version 1.5.x with a modern foundation, a fast, flexible, and robust synchronization, and an extended feature set. The user interface is as new as the technologies it's built on.

Use DEVONthink To Go to:

- Browse and view your documents
- Organize your files
- Capture notes, images, bookmarks
- Edit plain text files, RTF documents, and formatted notes (based on HTML)
- Annotate PDFs (requires one-time in-app purchase)
- Link to your documents from other apps supporting URLs
- Search using a powerful search language
- Sync with DEVONthink for Mac or other iOS devices running DEVONthink To Go 2

Learn more about DEVONthink To Go and how to get started on the DEVONtechnologies web site.

DEVONthink To Go supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion.

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What's New

This maintenance release saves changes regularly and when leaving the application. Bookmarklets can specify the destination group, items converted externally no longer replace their original, and moving items to the database's inbox is easier with the inbox listed first in "Organize" sheets. The update also corrects a number of issues, e.g., with the Clip to DEVONthink share extension and with searching within groups.


- Bookmarklets support setting the destination group (?destination=[UUID]).


- Unsaved changes to documents are saved every 60 seconds and when DEVONthink To Go resigns active.
- Inbox is now always listed first in the "Organize" sheet.
- Item link can be copied from "Share" menu too.
- Items converted externally and sent back via Open In mechanism no longer replace the original item but are placed next to it.
- Settings stay visible when switching apps on iPad in portrait orientation.
- "Reveal" temporarily shows item list on iPad in portrait mode.
- Databases queued for deletion are disabled until they are actually removed.
- PDF default scaling (and so also vertical scrolling).
- Additional markdown file extensions are recognized.
- Marking groups and their children read/unread or flagged/unflagged faster.
- Reliability of import from Clip to DEVONthink.
- Reliability of retrieving the geolocation.
- Fatal errors give an opportunity to send the logs to support before aborting the application


- De-authenticating Dropbox no longer automatically asks to authenticate again.
- Downloading pending records prefers faster sync locations if a database is synchronized via multiple locations.
- Downloading chunks of large files is now multi-threaded too. Can speed up especially the download of the last or only large file from remote sync stores.
- Corrupted and therefore empty databases should no longer get synchronized.
- Reliability of Bonjour server settings.
- Logging.


- Issue where limiting a search to a group did not return all results.
- Issue where documents imported from Clip to DEVONthink or bookmarklets were not searchable.
- Issue where sharing from News App didn't offer Clip to DEVONthink.
- Issue where Clip to DEVONthink didn't work correctly with Workflow.
- Issue where using bookmarklets showed the New Document Assistent menu instead of the correct entry screen.
- Issue where documents displayed via Quick Look were not refreshed when being updated externally, e.g., by synchronization.
- Issue where changing a comment was not reflected in the record list.
- Issue where the item list overlay was hidden when switching apps in portrait orientation on iPad.
- Issue where the "Exclude from Tagging" flag was ignored for tags.
- Issue where the animation after confirming a database deletion could confuse the user interface.
- Crash related to defective databases.
- Crash related to displaying images in email messages.
- Crash related to documents with empty type.
- Crash related to setting reading position for RTFs and formatted notes.
- Crash related to table views.


- Issue where saving the searchable text during synchronization showed an error message.
- Issue where the flag status was not always correctly synchronized.
- Issue where the unread status was not set correctly during synchronization.
- Issue where changing an item's comment did not mark the database as needing synchronization.
- Issue where downloading receipts from sync stores could crash the application.
- Rare crash related to internal checks.

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