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Cell Storming Free - Media driven Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Idea Generation

Cell Storming Free - Media driven Mind Mapping, Brainstorming, and Idea Generation

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Cell Storming is a unique mind mapping and brainstorming app that uses media for laying out thoughts and ideas.

With Cell Storming you create mind maps (cell maps) by connecting hexagonal cells together and then adding media elements to these cells. You can add images, videos, voice memos, text, web links, files, and Address Book contacts to each and every cell on the map, which can then be viewed when browsing your cell map later on.


The v1.50 update included functionality to connect cells to other cell maps which enables the creation of multi-level hierarchical cell maps! This new linking functionality even extends to the flow media exports where any linked cell maps are examined for content (images, videos, audio) for exporting with their parent cell map(s).

New to the v1.60 release is the ability to import documents from other apps and attach them to cells in your cell map. These documents can be viewed within Cell Storming as you browse media stored in the cells.

The v1.70 update provides functionality to attach Contacts from your Address Book to cells on your cell map. Tap a cell that has a contact and you can utilise the various details available to connect to that person (via telephone/mobile, email, address, etc) straight from the cell map. The contact details are stored with the cell map so it's easy to share information about all the important people in your project with others on your team!


Cell Maps are easily accessible from the home screen by browsing thumbnail images showing the latest state of each map.

Extensive export options enable you to share cell maps (including their media elements) with other Cell Storming users. Or you can generate images and PDFs of your cell maps for non-users. Dropbox support is built-in along with email and iTunes document sharing.

Cell Maps can also be printed straight from your iPhone or iPad using an AirPrint compatible printer.

* Please note that some export functionality requires an In-App Purchase to the full version before becoming available.


Cell Storming features Screen-casting functionality that allows you to present cell maps on your device to other local devices by sending what is displayed on your screen to the other devices (using local networking via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth).

Or use any of the many included export options to generate presentation videos, slides, documents, or movies.

* Note that screen-casting functionality requires an In-App Purchase to the full version.


Upgrade to the Pro version of Cell Storming via an In-App Purchase and access additional Flow Export functions that can generate and export media files defined by how your cell map flows (using connection arrows from cell to cell). Flow exports include text, audio, movies, image slides, and presentation video generation.

You can watch an example Flow Presentation Video created from Cell Storming Pro on YouTube here:

Use Cell Storming to map new ideas, manage projects, document existing processes and entities, or use the media capture features to record events as they happen.


Visit the Facebook page to leave comments or request new features you'd like to see in Cell Storming in future updates:

I would like to thank everyone who has kindly left feedback in the App Store and the Cell Storming Facebook page. Please note that I am unable to reply to reviews left in the App Store, so if you are experiencing problems or have any queries about Cell Storming, please leave feedback on the Facebook page (accessed from the home screen in the App).

Thank-you for your support.

What's new

- Address Book Contacts can now be attached to cells.
- Contact details are saved with the cell map and can be shared with other users.
- New cell state implemented that shows a contact’s image and name in place of a cell.
- New show interface mode implemented that locks the cell map for viewing only (you are unable to edit cells or add new ones) by tapping the show interface button.
- URL/Numbers recognition enabled in the cell text field (viewing only).
- Cell media bar is now generated dynamically and only shows buttons for media attached to the cell.
- Tapping on the cell map background now deselects the current cell and hides the media bar.
- Tapping the multi-select button to deselect multiple cells after a move operation also disables the move mode.
- The export cell map options panel now includes settings to include files and contacts (or not) when exporting a cell map.
- Additional export option for cell map exports that copies a URL to the clipboard for the selected cell map. This URL can then be pasted into other apps and used to open Cell Storming directly on the cell map selected (Pro Users Only).


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