BreakTime — The Break Timer for iOS

BreakTime — The Break Timer for iOS

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BreakTime is a simple utility for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches designed to help you remember to take breaks. It never forgets a break, so you can focus on what you're doing. Use BreakTime to remind you to take breaks from studying, gaming, working or any other activity.

Spending hours inactive everyday isn't healthy. A study from the American Cancer Society ( has linked extended periods of sitting with an increased risk of death. Unfortunately for many of us, quitting our work isn't an option.

Using BreakTime reduces the continuous time you spend sitting. Standing up, getting your blood pumping and looking around may reduce the effects of long periods of sitting on your body and eyes.

You don't need to keep BreakTime running to remember to take a break. Even if it's not your currently running app, it will send a local notification reminding you to take your break.

BreakTime gives you quick access to the things you need to manage your breaks. Use the intuitive Pie Control™ to reschedule breaks with a drag of a finger. Or swiftly disable BreakTime so that you can watch a movie without interruption. BreakTime makes it easy to get what you need done and then gets out of your way.

A lot of thought was put into designing BreakTime. If you're going to be interrupted by something multiple times a day, it sure better look good. So we pushed a lot of pixels before we came up with the final design. It's the little things.


- Clean, simple and attractive interface.
- Set the length and time between breaks.
- Easily postpone breaks if you're in the middle of something important.
- Quick access through custom controls like our Pie Control™.

BreakTime is also available for OS X! Check it out in the App Store or at:

For best results, set BreakTime's notification type to 'Alert' in the Settings app.


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What's New

- Added support for URL scheme:
breaktime://on => Turn on the timer.
breaktime://off=> Turn off the timer.

Enhancements and bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue with bar animation.
- Fixed a bug where break length / interval would not be the same as displayed in preferences.

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