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20 Seconds

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20 Seconds is a simple app, whose only purpose is to count, you guessed it, to 20 seconds.

Why, one might ask, 20 seconds? Well, there is a theory that says that 20 seconds is enough time to help you build a new habit, or help you break an existing one.

To start with good habits, if you want to do something, you are much more likely to actually do it, if you start within 20 seconds from when you first thought about it. If you wait any longer, you are less likely to go through with it.

Conversely, if you want to break a bad habit, waiting 20 seconds after you get the urge, will make it easier for you to avoid doing it.

So, when you feel an urge to do something you want to stop doing, start the 20 Seconds app and let it count down. See how you feel about that urge after 20 seconds have passed.

While counting down, the app will show a progress indicator, (with or without a random shape), play music or play ticking sounds to distract and amuse you a little bit. It can start counting automatically as soon as you start the app. It also has a 30 day trail of usage in the today widget.

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What's New

- updated for iOS and iPhone x
- added a Premium version
- updated colours
- new melody

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