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네이버 메일 - NaverMail

네이버 메일 - NaverMail

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Naver Mail App! Handy even on mobile!

Naver Mail app - one stop service for all mailing conveniences.
Mail notification, import external mail, receipt confirmation and cancel sending.
Experience the optimal mail service with witty stickers!

[Key features]

1. Push notification for newly incoming mails
Newly arrived mails to default mailbox will be notified via push feature for viewing the number of unread mails on mail app icon.

2. Receipt confirmation & cancel sending
The reception of sent mail saved on “Sent Mailbox” can be checked in Naver Mail app as well. If the mail has been sent to Naver mail account, sending cancellation is available.
3. Importing external mail
Manage and check external mail accounts of other services all at once.
(external mails : daum, Nate, Gmail. Yahoo and so on)
4. More enjoyable communication with witty sticker!
Are you having a hard time conveying your emotions with only words? Attach witty stickers with lively facial expressions and gestures onto your mail body for a more effective communication.
5. Multi-selection of image
A feature for selecting/attaching multiple photos and images at once is supported.
6. Simple & fun mail writing
The use of contacts auto-completion and frequently used phrases will guarantee your mail writing process to be a more enjoyable experience.

7. Convenient feature through setting
Enjoy the same usability and convenience just as in PC by setting default mailbox, new mail notification, edit my mailbox, spam mail setting, sender’s name and mobile signature features on mobile platform as well.

8. Ndrive file sync
Using Naver Ndrive, you can send mail with large files attached to your friends or save the file attached to the received mail to Ndrive for storage.

9. Password setting
Are you worried about somebody peeking at your email? Use Mail app password setting feature! Using the password lock feature, you can safeguard your email even when your phone is lost.

Should an error or issue arise while using app, please leave your inquiry to Naver Customer Center (
If you leave your comment only on review, accurate analysis and response will be difficult.(email inquiry:

What's new

[v1.6.5 Update]
- Fixed compatibility issues with iOS8


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