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Film with Yava and your clips are automatically strung together into a movie!

“Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant!” Stephen Fry

Add beautiful filters if you like, or keep it simple.

Why Yava?

When I went to university in the 90’s, I was lucky enough to use an old 8mm Bolex film camera with the experience of filming little bits here, then later filming something else there, all on the same film, the film growing ever longer as I filmed, is something that has stayed with me.

With digital film making for some reason each filmed moment is stored on its own and can only be viewed in the sequence it was shot by taking the clips into an editing application, something few people bother doing and at this stage you can of course change the order of the shots.

This is why I created Yava (Yet Another Video App), which works like a film camera: Film a clip here and there and each clip goes onto the same ‘film’ roll. When done, after a day or an event or a trip or whatever it might be, just export the full film roll to the Photos app on the iPhone and all the clips filmed are in one continuous feature movie which you can then share as you wish.

Of course, you can always check what you have filmed so far inside Yava, where you can also assign filters to the next clip you will film, but not to what you have already filmed.

Frode Hegland

Please get in touch with any comments or questions: frode@hegland.com

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