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Control your iPhone camera with built-in screen touches. It's the best camera experience on your iPhone. Now supports iPhone 4 with Flash & Torch

RealCam has everything you love from a "Point & Shoot" camera, controlled from the main screen. set up your camera and review your pictures from the live view.

Macworld review 2009:

"The little improvements that Real Cam SP add to the picture-taking capabilities of the iPhone add up for a much better photo-taking experience with Appleā€™s mobile phone."

The application you were waiting for.

- Show grid lines. Guide to 1/3 rule
- Self Timer: 2, 5, 10 sec
- Beep sound On/Off for self timer countdown + visual signal using flash (iPhone 4 only)
- Stabilized camera: waits until camera is stabilized to shot the picture (help to make sharp pictures) or 12 sec timer, whatever happens first.
- Filters [F] BW (Black and White) and Sepia
- White Balance [WB] : 5 target points allow you to point a "should be white" color in the picture. Improve the full range of colors. (no effective in extreme low light conditions)
- Play button: display on screen the latest picture taken
- Latest picture can be moved and scaled with touch gestures and it goes full screen when double tapped (at any time when active)
- Autorotate latest picture shows the image always up-side up
- Visual level
-Saves pictures at 40% of maximum resolution available on device
- Digital Zoom allows you to take only what you want. A smaller picture will be saved.
- Keep settings between sessions.
- Keep latest picture between sessions

iPhone's camera compensates brightness and contrast, based on white average in the scene. As example, in snow's pictures, the iPhone believes the scene is overexposed, due to hight level of white and tries to compensate it. The result is a dark and unsaturated picture. With RealCamSP and its WB tool, the result will be a photo with more brilliant and saturated colors

Using the visual level in conjunction with grid lines could help to figure out if objects on the scene are well horizontal or vertical oriented. It's also useful as visual tool for placing frames in a wall, aligned vertical horizontal or diagonal.

Usage tips:

1) Outside pictures on a cloudy day: use [WB] pointing the upper target into a cloud. If your have different gray tones, try pointing to a medium gray cloud.

2) Don't close the application while the activity monitor is working: image will not be saved

3) "Latest picture" could be moved around the screen or scaled when something important is hidden behind it on the live-view.

4) Don't move the camera for 1 second after shutter sound to reduce blurry pictures

Compare versions:

"Real Cam LE" (FREE)
-Saves pictures at 40% of max resolution available on the device
-Ads supported

"Real Cam SP" (Paid)
-Saves pictures at different sizes including full resolution available on the iPhone
-No ads


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Added support for iPhone 4 Flash & Torch
Fixes issues with iPhone 4
Memory optimization

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