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Portfolio for iPad

Portfolio for iPad

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Portfolio offers a self-contained, brandable presentation tool for your business. Once set up, it will look like a custom app developed exclusively for your business. Lock the interface with a PIN when you're done and it's safe for any client meeting without the worry of exposing the management interface underneath.

Whether you're a photographer showing photos and videos to a bride-to-be, a wedding venue displaying various table setups, a florist giving the choices of different arrangements, a landscaper showing different layouts, or a web designer describing past designs, Portfolio will give that extra bit of polish and professionalism to your presentation.

Key features include:

• Full or partial library syncing.
• Subgalleries for better organization.
• Customized branding for the app with multiple themes.
• Support for images, videos, and PDFs.
• Load from the iPad, File Sharing, Dropbox, Box, your Mac, or a SFTP server.
• Lockable interface allowing the iPad to be passed along without exposing the management interface.
• Multiple galleries and the ability to hide unneeded galleries.
• Slideshows with configuration options for slide duration and soundtrack.
• Ratings and notes editable per image.
• Full screen viewing and browsing or partial screen with or without thumbnails.
• Zoom in on details in imported photos.
• Compare up to four photos at a time.
• Keyword tagging and the ability to filter by keywords and ratings.
• External display support through AirPlay, the HDMI adapter, or others.

"Portfolio has many features the other [portfolio apps] don’t."
- Professional Photographer Magazine

"For our money, the simple yet elegant Portfolio for iPad app is one of the best around."
- PDN "The Top Five iPad Apps for Photographers"

"If you are at all serious about using your iPad for presenting images to clients you need this application [Portfolio]."
- BestAppSite

"Portfolio is constantly being refined. No other app is as feature rich and pleasant to use."
- Jonathan JK

"If you are looking for a clean way to showcase your images I would defiantly recommend downloading the Portfolio for iPad app."
- Digital Photo Buzz

"Portfolio has a huge range of features aimed at the professional photographer, and yet it remains easy to use."
- DPReview

"It certainly is a must-have for anyone who needs to display a visual portfolio."
- Design By Sweet

The Mac Loader requires at least OS X 10.6 to run.

------ If you have a problem, please contact support. I am unable to reply to reviews left here. ------

What's new

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### 4.0.2

[New] Added a "Fit to Music" button to the slide duration setting.

[Chg] Removed the gap between images when multiple are selected.
[Chg] Editing a built-in theme now shows a warning to indicate the layout cannot be edited.
[Chg] Increased the font size when editing notes.

[Fix] Fixed a few rare potential crashes.
[Fix] Playing a slideshow now respects the configured background color.
[Fix] Manually switching to the next slide after a video in a slideshow now restarts the music.
[Fix] Thumbnails in the manager now update correctly after rotation.
[Fix] Fixed a possible crash when trying to use the Mac loader on a path with spaces in it.
[Fix] Fixed a possible crash when changing ratings.
[Fix] Fixed a rare crash when loading content and the selected gallery state is out of sync.
[Fix] Fixed a bug preventing loading of external screen placeholder images.
[Fix] Fixed image orientation from being correctly detected in some cases.
[Fix] Fixed a bug that prevented PDFs from rendering correctly.
[Fix] Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented some thumbnails from showing when changing display modes.
[Fix] Fixed a bug that prevented thumbnail metadata overlays from hiding correctly when a cell was reused.
[Fix] Improved performance of scrolling in the content manager.
[Fix] The add theme item button is no longer enabled when editing a built-in theme.

### 4.0.1

[Chg] The slide and transition delay settings now show a textual representation of the time.

[Fix] Fixed some pieces of thumbnail metadata not displaying properly in the manager.
[Fix] Fixed metadata not showing correctly in some positions on thumbnails.
[Fix] Improved performance of scrolling with large numbers of thumbnails.
[Fix] Fixed a crash resulting from rearranging items before loading finishes.
[Fix] Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the selection in the viewer after filtering them all out.
[Fix] Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to load images without a gallery selected.
[Fix] Fixed a rare crash in the media chooser if an item's path cannot be determined.
[Fix] Fixed a crash when trying to crop an image.
[Fix] Fixed a possible crash when tapping the previous arrow in a slideshow that's at the beginning.
[Fix] Fixed a crash on iOS 7 when entering the viewer.

### 4.0.0

[New] Brand new viewer with significantly increased speed and image quality.
[New] Up to four items can be selected at a time by tapping and holding on the thumbnail.
[New] Completely new Mac loader with increased speed and reliability.
[New] Portfolio now supports animated GIFs.
[New] Portfolio now supports PNG transparency.
[New] Added a previewer to the content manager.
[New] Added a new metadata display configuration panel with more fields available for choosing.
[New] Added a new sorting panel.
[New] Added a panel to configure kiosk-specific settings.
[New] Added an interface to control how much space Portfolio uses for its cache.
[New] Added the ability to customize the colors and font used for displaying metadata.
[New] Can now share any item in the manager via the system share panel.
[New] New and improved filtering panel with the ability to select multiple keywords.
[New] New and improved notes/ratings exporting panel.
[New] New and improved slideshow configuration panel with additional settings for further customization.
[New] New icon.

[Chg] All configurations areas are now reached by a configuration button in the bottom right corner.
[Chg] Added interactive buttons to replace the add first gallery and add first media help cues.
[Chg] Deleting a folder now deletes all contents rather than moving it to the top level.
[Chg] For password protected galleries the keyboard now shows automatically when trying to enter.
[Chg] Galleries and folders now show the thumbnail of the first item in them if nothing is set manually.


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