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●1 million PicTapGo photos shared on Instagram (check out #pictapgo_app and #pictapgo on Instagram)
● Launched to #1 in the App Store photo category within 24 hours
● Featured by Apple multiple times
● Named Pick of the Week by “This Week in Photo”

PicTapGo is a simple, fast and fun photo app that takes your photos to the next level.

PicTapGo includes over 70 photo effects and allows you to layer filters and save your own custom filter recipes. PicTapGo includes film and vintage filters, crisp black and white and beautiful color effects. Plus, adjust brightness, color, contrast and saturation with easy-to-use controls.

Easily share your photos with family and friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Follow @PicTapGo on Instagram and visit the #pictapgo_app hashtag to see how photographers worldwide are using PicTapGo to stand out from the crowd.

● Universal app, works for iPhone and iPad
● Layer filters
● Includes frames for Instagram
● Adjust color, contrast, saturation and brightnes
● Adjust the strength and clarity of the photo effect
● Enhance your pics with lens effects and vignettes
● Save custom recipes to use again and again
● Crop and Rotate/Straighten tool
● Sharing your pics on your favorite social media sites has never been easier
● Post to Instagram full frame - no need to crop square!
● Built-in camera for easy picture taking and seamless editing
● If you like RadLab by Totally Rad Inc, you’ll love PicTapGo!


What people are saying about PicTapGo

"Photo editing apps are available by the dozens but none of them can do what PicTapGo can do." - AppPicker.com

"PicTapGo ended the hunt for the BEST and friendliest editing tool. PicTapGo is all you need". - Candice Becklund, YourCloudParade.com

"I have long been a fan of simply everything Totally Rad... PicTapGo combines every Rad action that I have loved for years with the ease and grace of a perfectly designed app." - Susan Stripling, Professional Photographer

"Fun, fast, responsive interface that streamlines the selecting, adjusting, and sharing of images." - Katrin Eismann, Photoshop Educator

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What's New

Version 3.0, y'all. I can't believe how far this app has come since its introduction, and I think you'll fall in love with 3.0 all over again. Here's what we've packed into the app that loves you back:

- NEW: Basic Adjustment sliders for tweaking brightness, contrast, saturation, and color temperature. Need to make nuts-and-bolts adjustments to your image? We have four quick, easy controls at your fingertips to make even shorter work of simple edits. Best yet, you can save the adjustments to your recipes to use and re-use. Your new favorite feature.

- NEW: Bloom filter pack available for purchase: 10 soft, airy filters for fresh photos.

- NEW: Browse full-screen previews of your Photo Library. No more guessing which thumbnail you want when you're looking at several similar images. No more going back-and-forth between the Pic and Tap screens to find the image you want. You can now view images from your Photo Library full-screen, and swipe left and right to browse before choosing one to edit.

- NEW: iCloud Photos are properly handled. We really do read your reviews and feedback, and work hard to address the issues you bring up. The previous version of PicTapGo didn't play very well with iCloud, as it relied on an old, crusty set of APIs. For 3.0, we've completely re-written that section of the code, and all of those "mysteriously missing" photos should now be available in PicTapGo again (if you're still having an issue, please contact PicTapGo support and let us know!)

- NEW: Send uncropped images directly to Instagram. Now that Instagram lets you post non-square images, we've added another Share option to send the full, uncropped image to the Instagram app, giving you the option to post without cropping.

- IMPROVED: UI responsiveness and speed should be on another level from previous releases. Internally, we've rearranged the guts of PicTapGo to eliminate waiting wherever possible, and added subtle transitions and animations wherever we can. This is the quickest, prettiest PicTapGo ever.

Like the improvements? Tell a friend! Leave a review! PicTapGo is only possible with the support of its awesome community.

Have a suggestion, or found something wrong? Head to www.pictapgo.com and let us know!

And finally, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram (#pictapgo_app), and Facebook to see what fellow PicTapGo users are up to, and to see a showcase of some of the best iPhone photography in the world.


- the PicTapGo team

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