Quick — add text to photos fast

Quick — add text to photos fast

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The fastest app for adding text to photos. Perfect for busy people who tell, sell, buy, share, organize, memorize, and more.

Quick has a super slick, streamlined experience that lets you add stylish text to your photos in the blink of an eye!


Yup, it's that easy.

Features include...

FAST PHOTO PICKER: An extra large view of your most recent pictures will let you pick your best photo fast, or snap a picture with a swipe and a tap.

FANTASTIC FONTS: Choose from 16 carefully curated and dramatically different fonts. Find fonts that are useful, fun, and beautiful, perfect for any occasion.

REALTIME FONT SELECTION: Glide through all the fonts with a flick of a finger, your text will change instantly.

SMOOTH STYLING: Adjust size, color, and placement with very little effort. Quick's advanced color slide shows a crazy high number of options.

SMART SHARING: Choose from your favorite messaging apps and social networks: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Or simply save it to your camera roll.

iOS 8 PHOTO EDITING EXTENSIONS: Conveniently add text to your photos from within the Photos app using the new extensibility technology in iOS 8.

Here's how you can use Quick:

—Record measurements for a DIY project.
—Make an extra noticeable tweet.
—Tell a joke.
—Celebrate an achievement.
—Create your own meme.
—Make your dog or cat talk!
—Review a movie.
—Rate a restaurant.
—Remember prices and details when shopping.
—Track goals, share results.
—Study for a test with flashcards.
—Remember a person's name.
—Create 'before and after' pictures.
—Remember recipes & ingredients.
—Announce sports scores.
—Study for exams.
—Sell stuff on craigslist.
—Be goofy with friends.
—Create instruction manuals.
—Brag about catching a big fish.
—Comment on politics.
—Sell a home.
—Share an inspirational quote.
—Remember favorite foods & drinks.
—Say 'I love you'.
—Create visual reminders.
—Add an Emoji to your friends face.
—Get more likes on Facebook & Instagram.
—Tell a quick story!

Do all of this and more ... in seconds! Download Quick today and enjoy!

What's New

Hi all! We are listening. I am @AaronMarshall the CEO of Over and I'd like to personally apologize for the rough transition from Overgram to Quick. It was wrong of us to not make it smoother. We hope to make it up to you by addressing some of the major concerns in this update. If we missed any please email me directly with your thoughts marshall@overllc.com and we will make things right for you.

—Quick now has all of the features that Overgram had.
—Align your text, left right or centered.
—Resize your text by pinching and zooming.
—The Watermark... (See below)

—Grid lines now appear when you move your text so you can position it just right.
—We made the menu activation button clearer so you won't miss it. Just a tip though, simply swipe up from the fonts, and the menu will appear.
—Did you know you can add text directly to your photo from your photos app? If you have iOS 8 installed, just open the photo tap edit, and then tap the three dots in the upper left hand corner.

We are a small company, with no major investors. We have to charge for something or we can't build apps. This is good news for you because it means that we don't feel pressure to collect and share your personal information, or create another social network that you have to sign-up for, and keep up with.

When you pay to remove the watermark, unlock premium fonts, or upgrade to Over, you are enabling us to make the apps even better for you. That being said, we felt the watermark was a little too heavy and have reduced the size and transparency.

Again, I am super sorry for the messy transition. I hope we can make things better for you! Thank you so much to all of you.

Warm Regards,

CEO of Over

P.S. Along with emailing me personally with your concerns, you can also share your feedback at overquick.uservoice.com we are listening!

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