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Old USSR Posters

Old USSR Posters

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A free application "Posters from the USSR" enables users of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to view high-quality digital copies of posters and send them via email. These posters were created in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century and later, during the Soviet era.

By viewing posters, you can trace history of the Soviet Union. Posters can help you feel "the spirit of the epoch", understand how people lived at that time. With the application "Posters from the USSR"you will be able to feel both the atmosphere of Russia before the Revolution and the 'spirit of the Soviet epoch'.

Posters created in 1920s-1930s show enthusiasm of Sovied people who worked with a will to make the USSR a powerful and thriving country. During World War II posters reflected a tidal wave of people's wrath directed at fashist invaders. After-war posters exude triumph, optimism, and pride of Soviet people for their Motherland.

Posters were also tools to promote ideas and values of the Soviet society. They formed characters of at least three generations of Soviet people. They showed people what a perfect Soviet citizen should be like.

Power of a word written on a poster was enormous at that times. Such posters made a considerable contribution to forming personalities of Soviet people. Besides, posters, devoted to, say, traffic rules or fire safety rules, did save human lives.

Hundreds of posters collected in this app reflect life of people who lived in the USSR - an enormous country which used to occupy one sixth part of the Earth. Hundreds of millions of people lived, worked, studied, loved, raised children, dreamed... Aspirations and expectations of these people, their ideas about what's good and bad, right and wrong - all this could be seen in a poster, where lives of several generations get reflected like in a mirror.

So, why posters are so popular? Probably because a poster is a very democratic art form. Roots of a Russian poster as an original art form could be traced to Russian lubok, or popular print - pictures with spiritual and mundane captions, which were very popular in Russia three centuries ago. It can well be said that Russian lubok is great-grandfather of a poster.

So, while viewing numerous posters created in the USSR you will be able to feel what this country was like and how its citizens lived. Share these remarkable posters with your relatives and friends.

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