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Money Money Video Maker

Money Money Video Maker

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You roll out of bed at 7pm. You turn on the television. An anxious newscaster fades into view.

"There is a cash blizzard underway here in Brooklyn. I repeat, a CASH BLIZZARD. Money is flying everywhere. The wind is so strong that money is blowing sideways. It's absolutely unlike anything we've ever seen."

You rub your eyes in disbelief. What's going on?

MONEY MONEY VIDEO MAKER. More than a video camera, more than a "vintage camera app" clone, Money Money uplifts and re-inspires the dull, boring videos you take by injecting them with a hurricane of swirling cash money dollars. There is literally nothing on Earth more awesome and enjoyable than recording and starring in these videos.

MAKE AN UNCREATIVE RAP VIDEO. Know all of those highly successful rap videos on mainstream cable with dollar bills flying all over the place? Know why they're highly successful? Because those dollar bills say "class" and "substance" to viewers. How much more successful and famous could you be if you just had enough dollar bills to get the same thing going on in all of your iPhone videos? THIS WILL BE THE BEST $0 YOU'VE EVER SPENT.

Wait, what? There's more to this app than GALE FORCE DOLLARSTORMS??? Oh, indeed: the app features 5 built-in video filters that you can control in real-time WHILE SHOOTING your videos. Moreover, new filters will become available for purchase inside the app each month. Our goal is to make sure that your videotaped memories never become repetitive and boring to your friends again. It's okay, you're in our care now.

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Stopped some crashes that occurred when making purchases in the app.



A: Enormous update. Huge. We decided to totally, completely rewrite the entire app from the ground up.


It's healthy to bury oneself in work during the cold winter months. And look at the bountiful spring harvest we now bring you.


Money Money 2.0 is smooth, confident, mature, and decorated.


If you have any problems using the app or figuring out why to use the app, we've added a new in-app help center where you can contact us for support.

Q: ...???

- Record movies in landscape orientation now. Just rotate your device like every single other camera app ever.

- iOS 5.1 compatibility. I love y'all who aren't necessarily trying to upgrade. Y'all are good people.

- For users who haven't picked up the "Unlimited Recording Time" unlock, we've bumped the recording time limit up to 15 seconds. (Hey, much later, when you're sitting alone in the dark searching your soul for permission to buy that one, tiiiiny little unlock, just remember, this thing took us absolutely forEVER to make)

- We eliminated all of the crash bugs you might've been seeing. Hope nobody's too grumpy to try another piece of cake!

- We built an in-app help center -- a fountain, as it were, where you can drop pennies, hoping in some childlike, distant corner of your mind that one of them might yield clues, perhaps even answers.

- No but seriously hit us up on that thing it's good. Helpshift one love.

- HINT: Feel free to use the in-app help center to brainstorm with us about what you should make videos about. Seriously. We're realizing we're completely out of touch with what goes on out there.

'Til next time,

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