Friend Blender HD – Swap Faces in Photos and other Funny Photo Effects

Friend Blender HD – Swap Faces in Photos and other Funny Photo Effects

iOS Universal Photography

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Friend Blender lets you cut & paste faces between images to create funny and creative new pictures. Create seamless blends as easy as never before – and make your friends laugh!


With Friend Blender you can
· swap faces in one image or between different images
· cut & paste: cut out a face from one image and insert it into another
· be creative: create identical twins or put faces on other objects such as apples or tree leaves and see what happens!

Friend Blender is
· universal: Friend Blender runs natively on all devices, such as iPod touch/iPad/iPad Mini/iPhone and iPhone 5!
· unique: Friend Blender lets you swap many faces between different images!
· unmatched: Friend Blender's SmartBlend™ technology creates truly seamless blends in a quality you've never seen before on a mobile device!

Image Attribution:

Sample images created with Friend Blender using:
– "Fruit Still Life" by Jill Clardy (
– „Portrait of two young women“ by Josef Seibel (
– „ Party“ by Will Merydith (
– „Portrait #20“ by ammgramm (

Friend Blender launch image and application icon are based on "kitchen studio_20110221 Daisy" by "Aim low, play bass" (

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What's New

- optimised for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus native resolution
- optimised for iOS 8 and 64-bit
- fixed severe crash bug on certain iOS 6 devices (customers running iOS 6: please install this update if you are experiencing any issues)

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