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3D Photo Ring HD - browse your pictures sorted by dominant color with an amazing interface

3D Photo Ring HD - browse your pictures sorted by dominant color with an amazing interface

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This app is a unique photo browser for the iPad with color sorting and a 3D interface not seen before! It can show many more photos at a glance than the default Photos app and uses an intuitive interaction and is significantly faster than a common 2D grid as confirmed by scientific studies.

Manage your photos with a spellbinding and efficient picture browser that uses a 3D interface to show many more images at a glance than the common list view! Due to the color sorting feature, which groups together visually similar images, you get your pics organized and will find desired images much faster than with the default photo browsing app as scientific user studies have shown!

This app provides an innovative 3D arrangement and content-based color sorting, like no other app! Now with even better visuals (e.g., reflection and anti-aliasing) and cool new features (e.g., share current view via Facebook, Twitter, or Email or open picture in external app)!

Try the free version (3D Photo Ring Lite) first!

"View Your Pics in a Whole New Way" (
"3D Photo Ring HD turns searching for photos into a speedy and fun task." (

"There are plenty of apps that offer different ways of interfacing with your camera roll. This app transforms your iPad tablet into a 3D photo viewer that is very unique and stylish."
- My iPad Apps

"We want to mention a cool navigation option in full screen mode. Any time you want to change photos you can either tap a corner, or simply tilt your iPad. How’s that for cool?"
- The iPhone App Review

"Rarely have we seen a photo browsing app with as much visual interest as 3D Photo Ring." (The iPhone App Review)
"3D Photo Ring offers a spellbinding interface that permits you to preserve track of hundreds of photos with a swipe." (

• Select the albums that should be managed by the browser (Camera Roll or Photo Stream as default)
• Your photos will be shown as 3D rings that can be rotated, zoomed and tapped
• Tap a photo in the ring to see it in full screen mode (you can also switch between photos in full screen mode)

• Based on the number of selected photos and the app settings, rings will be divided into several pages
• Wipe up/down to switch to previous/next ring of current page
• As a default the app is configured to show only 100 pics/page on iPhone and 200 pics/page on iPad; however, in the app settings this value can be increased up to 2000 pics/page
• The app can be configured to show one page for each selected album

• Photos in the rings of one page can be sorted by color or recording time
• The color sorting feature visually organizes all photos on a page

• Interactive 3D Slideshow with fast-forward/reverse feature
• Recording time of pic is shown in full screen mode (detailed EXIF data can also be inspected)
• Emailing or tweeting photos (in full screen mode)
• The ring can be set to automatically rotate (useful for presentations)
• Anti-Aliasing and separating gaps between pics for better visual quality
• Tilt interaction (rotate rings or switch photos in full screen mode by tilt). Can be enabled in the app settings.

What's new

You can now also delete photos (new option in fullscreen mode).
Fixes an issue with Shared Photo Streams and iCloud Photo Library.


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3D Photo Ring HD - browse your pictures sorted by dominant color with an amazing interface 4.00 out of 5 based on 54 ratings.