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TechBrowser offers the best possible experience for reading the latest tech news via the website on your iPhone.

Techmeme is the best tech news site on the web, and even has a nice mobile-optimized page. However, viewing the mobile-optimized as just one tab in Safari on your iPhone is less than ideal. Tab switching between tech stories is fiddly, and time-consuming, and the Safari browser chrome takes up valuable screen real estate.

TechBrowser makes viewing the mobile-optimized much easier and faster. Here's why:

1. In TechBrowser, it's always easy to return to a full-screen view of the front page of Techmeme.

2. Pull-to-refresh the front page of Techmeme makes checking for the latest news easier with just one hand.

3. Browsing to the contents of a story (or back to Techmeme when you're done) is faster than in Safari. TechBrowser uses a simple "push" animation to an inline browser, rather than awkward, time-consuming tab switching.

4. A nice-looking icon for placing Techmeme on your iPhone home screen.

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- Improved support for iOS 11.

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