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Ari David

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"Join the Ari David campaign for Congress to restore America in 2010"

"As a native of the 30th district, I am in touch with the needs and concerns of the citizens that make up the constituency. I have seen a degradation in the quality of life in this district since my childhood and I know that the solution to restoring this part of California to its former paradise is to reverse the long slide it has had into the control of liberal politicians at all levels of government. With my experience in the private sector, I know how to get this accomplished.

I was four years old when Henry Waxman was first elected to congress. I first heard his name when I was eleven years old and ever since I have borne witness to his terrible judgment and disastrous leadership from his congressional seat. I love nature and the outdoors, like we all do, but Henry Waxman has chosen to smother the business environment with his brand of “green” legislation. I support our local mill, known as the entertainment business, and Henry Waxman has presided over the catastrophic atrophy of this precious industry in our city and this district. Not only does this cost us jobs but transfers to foreigners control of the popular culture that binds all Americans together. This industry is centered in the 30th district. I truly support our ally Israel, unlike Henry Waxman who never really lifts a finger or dares spend even a penny of political capital to criticize members of his own party for their blatant abandonment of America’s only friend in the Middle East. Henry Waxman for too long has gotten away with deceiving the Jewish community in this district while acting in the worst of ways and standing aside while members of his own party sell out the Jewish state.

I am passionate about these issues and I am uniquely qualified to represent this district in congress because of my lifetime of experience living here. Recent developments in our nation have inspired me with a sense of duty to defend our people from the coming creeping tyranny caused by policies. I have a great need to do what I can to stop the spreading socialist cancer that is promising to envelop and destroy the United States.

This sense of honor, dignity and duty is why I am qualified to and will have the respect for, representing the 30th district of my home state in the United States congress for my fellow citizens.

Enjoy the app, and support the Ari David For Congress campaign!

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