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✔ RealityMap is your quick mini navigator app
⚫ Quickly grab your device and open this app to see your moving direction on a rotating map or lookup bookmarked addresses.

★ Also check out calLog iPhone App, track your phone calls ★

☞ Make sure you have the latest updates from iTunes for your device.

✔ Rotating map, spins the map towards your moving direction. (works on all devices)
⚫ Rotating map relys on your moving coordinates.
⚫ When you use your device map application map rotation gets intrupted due to magnetic fields but this app does not, and it constantly shows correct direction when you are moving.

✔ Find address by typing the address or drop a pin on the map.
✔ Keep unlimited addresses in the app's address book.
✔ You can add addresses by dropping a pin on the center of the map.

✔ Put multiple address pins on the map at once.
⚫ Ideal for multi destination trips.
⚫ Your device map app alows only one address pin at a time.

✔ Ability to remove address pins on the map one by one.

✔ Assign names to the addresses that you have found using this app for future refernce.

✔ Instant search lists the addresses as you type. ( From this app own address book)

✔ You can sort the address in the address book.
⚫ Sort by the date you found them.
⚫ Sort by their distance from the current center of the map.
⚫ Sort by distance and find what is aroud you from the address book to complete tasks.

✔ Location reminder (iPhone 4 and newer devices).
⚫ If there are some pins on the map when you close the application it will notify you when you are around those locations.

✔ It adds direction beam on user location blue dot icon for 3G and older iPhones too.

✔ Speedometer.

✔ Compass and speedometer works without Internet too.

✔ You can lock or unlock, auto map orientation towards the moving direction.

✔ You can lock or unlock user position in the center of the map.

✔ Battery saving mode for better battery consumption.

✔ Movable camera ( like FaceTime ) on the map.
⚫ You can take pictures from the camera on the map.

► For 3G and older iPhone devices all direction related measures are valid only when the device in moving.

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What's New

✔ Support for iOS 6 and tall ( 4" ) display iPhones and iPods.

✔ Some problems with finding addresses are resolved.

✔ Some user interfaces are improved.

☞ Adding new features requires higher average rating for this app, so if you like this app and want to have more additional feature take a minute and rate this app, thank you.

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