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Route Tracker  - Track the GPS location of your iPhone or iPad

Route Tracker - Track the GPS location of your iPhone or iPad

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Track your route and view it live in any modern browser.
Ideal for sharing your route with friends and family and for businesses to track their delivery vehicles.

See our 2 min video on YouTube,
(we don't like reading long descriptions either)

Data Secured and Encrypted using Industry Standard techniques.

This app is used heavily by businesses to track delivery vehicles and by several charitable causes that bike, swim, run and walk for a cause.
Families use the App to live track their road trips.

To see some routes the App has tracked across the world, please go to:
from a Desktop browser like Chrome/Firefox/Opera/IE10 and login with the credentials below:
username: demo
password: secret12

If you need support, mail us at, we are always happy to help. We can help embed your route into a website or blog.

This is a route tracking App which tracks the route of the iPhone/iPad it is on and is best used outdoors. Inside a building GPS signals are poor and it might not be able to track.

The features of the service are split between the App and its Website.
The App only tracks, everything else is done on the Website, like viewing live routes, setting alerts etc.

App Features:
> The app is very simple to use, just tap anywhere on the screen and it'll start tracking. This makes it safe to use when you are driving.

> The iPhone is tracked at intervals of 5 seconds below 25mph(40kmh) and 10 seconds at speeds above (this can be configured from the settings).

> There are multiple tracking modes:
--"continuous tracking": The iPhone is tracked continuously until you stop tracking. Some businesses track for 10-15 days continuously to analyze business activity over a period.
--"smart tracking": The App automatically terminates and starts new routes when it detects stoppage and restart of movement. This way you don't need to bother about keeping track of tracking and this mode is generally used by taxi's.
--"period tracking": In this mode a new route is automatically created after a pre-defined period (24hrs default). Press and hold the "smart tracking" button for 3 seconds to enable this mode. This mode is generally used by businesses who want to create a new route automatically every day or every half a day etc.
--"super tracking": Like "continuous tracking", except that every coordinate is tracked, nearly 40 a min. Press and hold the "continuous tracking" button for 5 seconds to enable this mode. This mode is generally used by bikers, joggers and GIS experts to get as detailed information as possible on the route.
--All tracking modes can be configured from the iPhones Settings App.

> The App works in the background.

> Data gets stored offline if you get out of a network and is automatically synchronized when you get into a network again.

> The app will let you know, using local alerts, when it isn't able to track, this generally happens when the iPhone is inside a building or a glovebox. The App will also let you know when things get back to normal.

Website Features:
> Live route updates.

> Stoppage Analysis: With this you can see where the vehicle stopped and for how long and this can provide great insights into the route.

> Location and Speed Alerts: Set location and speed alerts and know when the vehicle is speeding or is close to a location.

> Download the GPX or CSV of the route from the site.

> Large Data limits: Your last 1000 routes can be viewed and exported.

> All the metrics and graphs, that you can imagine: Distance, Time, Average Speed, Cruising Speed, Altitude Ascent/Descent, Average Accuracy, Speed/Altitude/Accuracy Charts.

> Route data can be shared.

> Individual routes can also be shared publicly to Facebook etc.

You can also visit our FAQs page, its fairly comprehensive,

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

What's new

Minor bug fixes.

iOS8 has an amazing feature which notifies you that the app is working in the background and using your location data.
We believe in strong privacy controls and this is one feature that we really love.

If you already set the Privacy setting to "Always" you can now change to "While Using"
General>Privacy>Location Services>Rout Tracker>While Using


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