Map Plus (GIS Editor + Offline Map + GPS Recorder)

Map Plus (GIS Editor + Offline Map + GPS Recorder)

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The most powerful and versatile tool for viewing and editing custom maps and managing mass of your geography or travel data.

● You can use Map Plus as a professional GIS tool to do geographic data gathering, editing, measuring, cartography, planning, online/offline viewing, sharing and many other management.
● You can also use Mao Plus to help your outdoor sports and global travels for trip planning, offline map downloading, track/photo/video recording, and also sharing memories with friends and the family.

Besides common map features such as locating and searches, Map Plus has many more special:

● Dozens of online and offline maps could be customized, viewed and downloaded. New maps could be imported from MOBAC's map source XMLs, LUA scripts, QR codes, RMaps/MBTiles/OSMDroid/NaviComputer files and iOS caches.
● Both "EPSG:4326" and "Web Mercator" (EPSG:3857) projections are supported.
● Supports offsetted maps of China (with GCJ-02 datum), which is hundreds of meters randomly adjusted from the standard WGS84 datum.
● Downloading maps from any online map providers for specified regions and zoom levels.
● Displaying photos and videos in iOS albums directly on the map.
● Street views for most cities all around the world, including cities in China.
● Importing and exporting KML, KMZ and GPX files with custom icons, extended data and full styles.
● Importing Garmin's GDB, MPS file, OziExplorer's WPT、EVT、PLT、PNT、RTE files.
● Importing and exporting data as CSV files, which could contain custom properties and tags.
● Managing mass data with multi-level folders, bulk operations, shortcuts, tags and fuzzy searches.
● Custom "Feature Class" enables you to bulk apply styles, tags, custom properties to all selected items.
● Previewing HTML formatted descriptions on the map and creating custom properties for all kinds of items.
● Finger-drag editing for all places, tracks, lines, polygons, ellipses, rectangles showing on map, with snap supports.
● Sharing or transferring data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iCloud, SMS, Email, QR codes, Open-In, AirDrop and many other ways.
● Browser Access enables you to upload, view and edit data from a desktop web browser under the same Wi-Fi network, or helps you play traveling photo slideshow on TVs with web browsers.
● GPS Track Recording:helps you to record all your footprints with auto-recovery, custom time zone and background recording support.
● Path Following: guides you the way along a direction route or any track or path you've recorded or created manually.
● Arrival Notification: alerts you when your were getting close to a target place.
● Magnetic Snap: enables the places or control points to snap to the nearby points while dragging.
● Guide Mark: draws markers on edges of the screen when it is out of visible map region currently.
● Backup: helps you backup or restore all data locally or with iCloud in the fastest way.
● Custom Time Zone: enables you to display time of places or tracks either in its local time zone, or your current system time zone.
● Optimized for large screen devices and one-hand operation.
● Many many more features we could not list here are fantastic and free of charge, such as: Photo Mode, Offline Mode, Map Color Inverse, Manual Offset, Map Level Adjust, Custom Icons, Photo/Video Attachment, Image Overlay, Fast Editing, Distance/Perimeter/Area measuring, Track Statistics...

Please be aware:

While doing GPS track recording or enabled Arrival Notification feature, GPS hardware would continue running in the background until you manually stop those features, and the continued use of GPS in background would dramatically decrease battery life.

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What's New

-- What's New in v 2.2.1 --

+ Improves compatibility for iOS 9
+ Supports 3D flyover maps on iOS 9
+ Add "class" operation to fast change feature class of an item on the map in editing mode.
+ Supports icons for feature classes previewing.
+ Supports using feature classes in custom editing menu, and add "Prefer Type" setting for them.
+ Supports bulk exporting places of photos to Camera Roll.
+ Supports bulk exporting places of photos as single zip-archived file, and use it as email attachment.
+ Supports editing "Adjust Level" for online maps.
+ Supports viewing Street View of direction route steps.
+ Add new settings: Enable/disable online map caches automatic clear after edited.
+ Add KML/KMZ exporting option to enable appending custom properties to KML description.
+ Add KML/KMZ exporting option to disable appending photo metadata to KML description.
+ Bug fix: Icon rotate angle bug of feature class.
+ Bug fix: Fill color bug of feature class.
+ Bug fix: KMZ importing sometimes crash.
+ Bug fix: KMZ exporting outline style.
+ Bug fix: Exported GPX file could not be open in some desktop softwares.
+ Bug fix: sub-item title missed while importing MultiGeometry from KML/KMZ.
+ Other bug fixes and etc.

-- What's New in v 2.2 --

+ Add "Feature Class" to bulk apply styles, tags, custom properties to multiple selected items all at once.
+ Add support for importing/exporting paths and polygons in CSV, also supports custom properties and tags in CSV.
+ Add support for importing/exporting polygons with inner boundaries in KML, also add editing and measuring support.
+ Add support for direct exporting KML/KMZ/CSV and other supported formats to iCloud.
+ Add "Magnetic Snap" support to snap to the nearest points when dragging a control point or a place.
+ Add "Custom Time Zone" support for places and track paths, which enables you to set and display times with specified time zone.
+ Allow inputting altitude values in the current unit setting instead of fixed to meters.
+ Add "goto" operation for photos on the map.
+ Adjust the length of the map scale ruler.
+ Add information of "Distance From Previous" and "Distance To Next Point" for each data point of an editing/measuring path.
+ Add new settings for the default color and width of direction routes.
+ Add new settings to disable the rotate and tilt gesture of the map.
+ Bug fix: Editing a photo's information might make it disappeared from the map.
+ Bug fix: Videos could not be exported to iOS photo album.
+ Bug fix: Incorrect icon hotspots when using an icon for the first time or imported from KML/KMZ.
+ Bug fix: Custom editing menu could not create track paths, polygons, etc.
+ Other bug fixes and etc.

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