Map Plus (Offline Map + KML Editor + GPS Recorder)

Map Plus (Offline Map + KML Editor + GPS Recorder)

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The most powerful and versatile tool for viewing and editing custom maps and managing a mass of your geography data.

You may use Map Plus:

● to view and download thousands of global online or offline maps, including GoogleMap, OpenStreet map, BingMap, etc.
● as professional and accurate GIS tool for on-map editing and measuring of your geography data.
● to create, edit and manage all your waypoints, photos, notes, tracks and all other data for worldwide traveling.
● as GPS track recorder, navigator, speedometer or any outdoor mapping devices you ever had but never need anymore.

Besides common map features, Map Plus has more specials:

● Dozens of online and offline maps could be customized, viewed and downloaded. New maps could be imported from MOBAC's map source XMLs, LUA scripts, QR codes, RMaps/MBTiles/OSMDroid/NaviComputer files and iOS caches. Both "Geo Lat/Lng (EPSG:4326)" and "Web Mercator" projections are supported, and both WGS-84 and GCJ-02(China) coordinate datum are supported.
● Downloading maps from any online map providers for customized regions and zoom levels.
● Displaying photos and videos from iOS albums directly on the map. You also can import and manage them with folders and tags.
● Importing and exporting KML, KMZ and GPX files with custom icons, extended data, ​and full styles support.
● Importing Garmin's GDB, MPS file, OziExplorer's WPT、EVT、PLT、PNT、RTE files, and CSV files.
● Managing mass data with multi-level folders, bulk operations, shortcuts, tags and fuzzy searches.
● Previewing HTML formatted descriptions on the map and creating custom properties for all kinds of items.
● Tap-and-drag editing for all places, tracks, lines, polygons, ellipses, rectangles showing on map.
● Sharing or transferring data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iCloud, SMS, Email, QR codes, Open-In, AirDrop and many other ways.
● Web Share: enables you to upload, view and edit data from a desktop web browser under the same Wi-Fi network, or helps you play traveling photo slideshow on TVs with web browsers.
● GPS Track Recording:helps you to record all your footprints with auto-recovery support.
● Path Following: guides you the way along a direction route or any track or path you've recorded or created manually.
● Arrival Notification: alerts you when your were getting close to a target place.
● Guide Mark: draws markers of a place on the edges of the screen while it is out of the visible map region.
● Backup: helps you backup and restore all data locally or with iCloud in the fastest way.
● Optimized for large screen devices and one-hand operation.
● Many many more features we could not list here are fantastic and free of charge, such as: Photo Mode, Offline Mode, Map Color Inverse, Manual Offset, Map Level Adjust, Custom Icons, Photo/Video Attachment, Image Overlay, Fast Editing, Distance/Perimeter/Area measuring, Track Statistics...

Please be aware:

While doing GPS track recording or enabled Arrival Notification feature, GPS hardware would continue running in the background until you manually stop those features, and the continued use of GPS in background would dramatically decrease battery life.

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What's New

-------- What's New in 2.1.2 --------

+ Supports exporting custom properties and extended data to KML/KMZ files.
+ Add new shape of circle with fixed radius and more accurate drawing for all projections.
- Drop support of ellipses, existing ones would be converted to circles when updating.
+ Image overlays support more control points to drag and edit the centers and edges.
+ Supports searching places with keywords in "latitude, longitude" format, to fast create a place there.
+ Custom online maps support more properties read from LUA and XML files.
+ Supports setting for current position icon's transparency.
+ Add distance information in polyline's control points.
+ No ADs for new users in the first few days.
+ Bug fixes, etc.

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