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Map Plus

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● Customize you own online and offline maps to display all popular maps in one app.
● Import data from KML、KMZ and GPX files and edit them on map with full styles.
● Multi-level folders, tags, shortcuts, local search, and bulk operations help you manage your favorites much easier.
● Display on TV, TV-box, projector, and Web Browsers on PC, Mac or other devices.
● Share data via Wi-Fi, bluetooth, iCloud, SMS, Email, social app, QR code, etc.
● Global search, transit navigation, GPS track recording, statics, album on map, area measurement... all these make it a fully functional map app.
● Guide mark, arrival notification, realtime graph... more fantastic features might bring you more surprise and special experience.

(Please be aware that the free app has embedded AD banner, which could be removed by In App Purchase if you don't like them)

What make Map Plus different from others?

1, Customize Maps Freely

( i). Add custom online map for nearly all popular maps, such as Google-Map, with a XML or script file to define it.
( ii). Supports viewing offline maps in many different formats.
(iii). Add images as map overlays.
(iv). Supports maps with projections of both Web Mercator(EPSG:3857) and EPSG:4326.
(v). Supports China coordinate system which has hundreds of meters' offset from standard GPS.

2, Optimized GPS Track Recording

( i). Automatically backup all recorded points before saving to favorites, and recover them from crash or force-quit.
( ii). Realtime filtering for unstable and abnormal points.
( iii). Realtime speed & elevation graph and statics.
(iv). Recording in background.

3, More Flexible Editing and Folder Management

( i). Create multi-level folders in favorites, view them by tags, create shortcuts, bulk operations......
( ii). Directly edit items on map, with more styles than KML provides, such as rotate angle, scale with map, auto grouping, dash line, etc.
(iii). Multiple selection and operation on map.
(iv). Enhanced for photos, including bulk import, photo attachment, auto-grouping, slideshow, etc.

4, Extensive Data and Sharing support

( i). Supports Importing data of KML, KMZ, GPX, MPZ, XML, LUA, RMaps, MBTiles, BigPlanet, iOS Map Caches, QR codes and mpps links.
( ii). Supports exporting data to KML, KMZ, GPX, MPZ, QR codes and mpps links.
(iii). Supports using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, email, SMS, QR codes to share or exchange data with others.
(iv). Supports iCloud.

5, Screen Share and Web Share

"Screen Share" helps you display realtime screen to TVs, projectors and TV-boxes with Airplay support, which do not require for Airplay Mirror support.

"Web Share" allows you to access Map Plus wirelessly from any device with a web browser, such as IE or Safari, within the same Wi-Fi network. You can directly import data, search, preview or edit map items with your web browser on desktop PC, Mac or other devices.

6, Important Statement

Some commercial online maps may not allows 3rd party tools and individuals to access, download, store or publish their map datas directly. Please make sure you have read their terms of use carefully before access, and ensure all your behaviors have not violated related copyright laws and regulations.
As a download-and-view tool, Map Plus do not guarantee or provide any copyright or authorization for any online map, and we'll not take any responsibility for the illegal use of Map Plus to access, store, process or publish those commercial maps or their related content.

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User Manual:

What's new


+ Add compass, map scale and zoom levels on map.
+ Add realtime panel with speed and altitude graph.
+ Supports multiple selection on map.
+ Supports operating items directly on map, including operations of "zoom to", "previous / next", "slideshow", etc.
+ Supports draggable detail window displays on map.
+ Supports screenshot, sharing and saving for current visible region.


+ Supports custom online maps with source definition from xml, lua and javascript files, or from QR codes.
+ Supports custom image overlay.
+ Supports multiple online or offline maps being displayed together with customized z-order.
+ Supports custom map parameters for level, region, background, transparency, offset, etc.
+ Supports map layer with projection of EPSG:3857 and EPSG:4326.
+ Supports selecting single album to be displayed as camera map.

【Places & Shapes】

+ Supports importing places and shapes from kml, kmz and gpx files.
+ Supports maps, places and shapes using Chinese offset coordinate system (GCJ-02).
+ Supports custom parameters for places and shapes, including coordinate, icon, anchor, color, scale, rotate, transparency, border, fill, etc.
+ Supports adding custom photos, videos, notes and tags to places or shapes.
+ Supports more geometry statics for places and shapes, including area, elevation gain/loss, speed and energies.
+ "Guide Mark" feature: displays guide arrows on screen edge when target places are out of screen.
+ "Arrival Notification" feature: automatically alert you when you are arriving or approaching the target place.
+ Supports recording timestamps in GPS Path Recording.


+ Supports custom multi-level folders.
+ Supports viewing and managing with Tags.
+ Supports multiple selection and bulk operation.
+ Support search in Favorites.
+ Support more document operations such as copy, move, create shortcut links, etc.


+ Add own file format of "mpz" for data exchange.
+ Supports importing files with formats of kml、kmz and gpx.
+ Supports data transfer using either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
+ Supports iCloud.
+ Supports powerful sharing to sms, email, social applications and files.
+ Enhanced for photos. Supports bulk importing, direct shoot, slide-show, exporting to camera roll, etc.


+ Optimized place search, supports search by types, keywords and nearby searches.
+ Supports transit directions, with more search conditions such as avoid highway.


+ Supports landscape orientation on all iOS devices.
+ Supports restoring of historical In App Purchases.
+ Supports unit system changes for measurements.
+ Supports displaying on external screens and TV-boxes with Airplay support.
+ Supports using web browsers on your desktop PC to view and edit data wirelessly.

Many more features not listed are waiting for your tasting...


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