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Make drawings that hark back to pictures created with the original 1960 Etch a Sketch® (Ohio Art Company)--only with this App there are no twisting knobs nor aluminum powder. Just click and walk—GPSketch does all of the drawing for you! And you aren't limited to a 9-1/2-inch plastic screen. The surface of the globe is your drawing surface. What better canvas for expressing yourself than on the surface of Earth. Using GPSketch, the world truly is your oyster—so, go ahead and sketch your fave mollusc.

Draw a heart on a beach in Florida or sketch a star on the Rocky Mountains—if you can get there, you can draw there—a drawing created via GPS coordinates.

This is not your typical doddle, however. With GPSketch you can leverage impressive satellite imagery as a canvas for expressing your creativity. Therefore, a new term had to be coined for drawings made through navigation. I call them "mappings." You can call your artwork whatever you want, but either way GPSketch spells "F-U-N."

Oh and remember, a mapping with GPSketch is a continuous line graphic. So get your walking shoes on and go from A to B while showing the rest of the world that you can walk a straight line—while chewing gum.

When you've completed your masterpiece, share it with the GPSketch community. A special Posterous Web log has been created for uploading your finished mapping from within GPSketch. Or, you can email your work of art to a friend or save it to a Photo Album on your iPhone. Remember mappings make great iPhone wallpaper.

A Complete User's Guide to GPSketch

1. Launch GPSketch, press the Start button (the button that looks like a waypoint indicator). Once your position settles (indicated by the pulsing blue dot) reset the map (press the Stop button and choose Reset Map). Now touch the Detail Disclosure button and set all of your App preferences. Click the Done button.
2. Start moving, walking, running, rowing, biking, or use any other preferred means of conveyance.
3. Finish your mapping by pressing the Stop button (the button with the, err, stop sign on it).

That's it. You be mapping now. Enjoy, save, and share your mappings.

> Please use GPSketch responsibly; don't drive while mapping = Use BOTH a designated driver AND a designated drawer.

Power User's Tips
+ If your GPS location signal suddenly deflects to a cell tower, reset your map. This action should return the GPS signal to your current location and it will return the Distance Filter to its default “10 meters” value.
+ In order to create lengthy mappings, set the Auto-Lock feature on your device to "Never" (touch Settings, then select General).


- Draw on map, satellite, or hybrid views
- Choose from 14 different line colors
- Vary your line width between 1 – 16 pixels
- Control GPS updates with distances from 1 meter – 1 km
- Add custom title & subtitle to map location callout
- Hide/Show the user location "pulsing blue dot"
- Selectively add red pushpins to your route
- Display a floating title label over your mapping*
- Save your mapping to your device's photo album
- Copy a screenshot (containing all buttons, message fields, and pins) to your device's photo album
- Share your mapping with other GPSketchers via email on a special Posterous Web log**

*Mapping – a user-generated sketch based on a terrestrial canvas

**The Posterous Web log is a private site which is accessible only to GPSketch owners. Log into:, enter this password: iPhoneApp and swap some mapping love. This Blog is the default "share" recipient. Just replace the Posterous address with your friend to send your mapping to someone else.

NOTE: GPSketch is specifically made for iPhone devices with OS 3.x with a cellular signal and location services enabled. Additionally, you must have a valid email address account for sharing your mapping.

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