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Germany GPS

Germany GPS

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Germany GPS is a professional Car, Bike and Pedestrian navigation system. We spend several years to produce it. Now it is available on iPhone and iPad. This system not only for Car navigation, but also for pedestrian.


1 2D and 3D navigation mode and map.

2 The speed is very fast.

3 Using vector map which owns small size and can zoom in any level.

4 Elegant operations. If you are tired of traditional complex GPS software, this software will be your choice.

5 Offline and Online search, if you can't find an address in offline mode, just try online which includes all addresses in Germany.

6 Orientation, distance and many other useful functions are offered.

7 You can also press your finger on a certain position of map, and then set it as a start point or end point.

9 After you have chosen your destination, just press navigation button to start.

Our map uses open street map and it will updated daily. Do you want to try the best GPS software in the world now?


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