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Geocaching Codes

Geocaching Codes

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This is a small helper tool for geocachers.
It includes a decoder for Vigenere encrypted text, a decoder for ROT encrypted text, as well as an color picker to decode the colors of an electrical resistor.
A small 9-bit binary-decimal converter and a character/word value counter is also built in.
At least a continuously growing library of code tables - such like Braille, Moon, maritime signal flags aso. is implemented - it will be updated concurrently.

A special extra for iPhone 4 users is the flashlight, which makes the decoding during nightcaches a lot easier. This function is not available on iPhone 3, 3G or iPod

If you think something really important is missing in this app or you have suggestions for improvement, don't hesitate to contact me !

The Code Tables Section includes in this version:
- Freemanson (2 versions)
- Braille
- Finger Alphabet
- Color Alphabet (2 versions)
- international maritime flag alphabet
- moon
- table with the first 200 primes
- periodic table of elements
- music section with circle of fifth, staves, intervals and a keyboard overview

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What's New

- Resistor Calculator (added color names, display improvements)
- Binary Calculator works now with 9bit
- Character Count
- improved selection of the code tables
- bug fixes, improved stability and performance

- new function (character/ASCII/HEX convertor, which works vice-versa as well)

Added Code Tables:
- 2 versions of freemanson cipher to code tables (masonic cipher)
- periodic table to code tables
- table of the first 200 primes
- semitones, staves and circle of fifth
- color alphabet of Ch. Faur
- color alphabet of L. Freedman (Kromofons) to code tables

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